Question HP OMEN laptop keeps crashing

Jul 16, 2022
Intel 11th Gen i7
Nvidia RTX 3060 ti
500 GB SSD
Windows 11
Computer is around 2 months old

My HP Omen laptop has crashed 4 times today. The First time I was playing Kerbal Space Program (With Shaders). It played the sound that was currently playing for a few seconds and then the screen went black. The computer turned back on automatically and it started updating. I thought nothing of it, as I have heard of this happening to people before, but it was just a minor annoyance. I went back into the game and eventually I found myself playing Halo Infinite with my friend. I played it for a while, but eventually the same thing happened, except this time, the computer didn't update. I updated my drivers, which included an update to the HP bios. I assumed that that was the issue, but alas, in a few minutes, my computer crashed again, still restarting automatically. I switched over to another game (Knightfall: A Daring Journey) and played that for around 10 minutes, assuming that the issue was with Halo and the Kerbal crash was unrelated, but then a crash happened while playing that game. and now I'm here. I also forgot to mention that I never got a blue screen of death at any point.

Some theories that I have

It's a pretty hot day, so it could be due to overheating, but the thing is that I have for sure felt my computer be much hotter than it is now.

I tried doing a virus scan with McAfee, but that came up clean.

I have checked for windows updates but the computer is up to date.

If anyone has any ideas that I could try to fix that would be great. I'm gonna go to bed for the night and shut my laptop all the way down and keep troubleshooting in the morning.
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Based on what you are saying my first reaction is in relation to temps. Are you monitoring temps at all?

When using this laptop are you on a desk or other hard surface or your lap or a soft surface blocking the cooling vents?

Install MSI Afterburner and RIVA tuner. You can select certain criteria to show up on screen during gaming such as temp, power, usage, and so forth. There are quite a few tutorials online if you need some help with that aspect.

What settings are you using, and in relation to that, test on lower settings and possibly set a frame rate cap to see if the issue persists.

Is the OS drive SSD? I would make the assumption that it is. How full is it?