Jan 11, 2002
When software is eventually written to be able to take advantage of HT, would one NEED a P4 with HT or would a dual processor system be able to do it? Also, would you NEED WinXP with a dually or would Win2k suffice?

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Dec 31, 2007
HT is deisgned to work with windows XP so that existing applications may binifit from the technology as well as applications can be optimized specificly for HT.

A "threaded" application works best with dual processors and HT, thats the way they are designed.

An example of a non threaded application that benifits from HT is Everquest. A popular game that is very demanding on computers runs so much better on HT than without. The game will load data in the background constantly during the game or when you change zones. This loading no longer affects the frame rates or system performance during the game.

Another example is music video maker 6, with a non HT cpu and you are playing a loop on the time line and grab a video sequence the system will start to stutter until the video is dropped. The machine will try to preview the video and play the audio at the same time and stuttering is obvious as it shares the CPU. This is not present with HT enabled.

Many other non HT ready applications also benifit from HT, it is the way you use your machine.

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