Question I am trying to connect my PC to my PS4 which is connected to the router.

Mar 29, 2020
Hi everyone,
This is a very high level image of my current setup: (The wall ports are ethernet wall ports.)

So what i want to do is setup a remote play connection from my PS4 to my PC, right now i can't even access the routers login page without being connected to it with wifi. I need to somehow to configure my router so that my PC can find the PS4 on the network. Currently i have no clue of how to configure it correctly as I am no expert in this field. I would appreciate any help.
If the modem has mulitple ethernet ports it is likely a modem/router.

If it is actually only a modem you can do not what you want. The connection path must go


Not sure how to fix this in your instance. You pretty much have to have a router in the point were the wire connect.

If the device at the common point is a modem/router then convert your other router to a AP will put everything on the same network.
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