Question I believe my motherboard died so I'm going to upgrade my PC, but I have some questions.


Nov 2, 2015
Hi everyone, a few weeks ago there was a lot of electricity in the air where I lived. I was using my desktop PC like any normal day and I was about to put a usb stick in a usb port in the front of my case and I seemed to have accidentally static shocked the usb be port as I saw a spark and felt a jolt on my finger for a split second. My computer kept running as usual but the following day it refused to boot. For the past few weeks I've been trying to revive my computer, I already tried testing my computer with another power supply and I tried replacing the CMOS motherboard battery but nothing seemed to work. So I believe that my motherboard is fried and I plan on upgrading to a new motherboard and CPU this holiday season.

I wanted to ask though, if my motherboard died due to me accidentally shocking it through the usb port on my PC case, would I only need to worry about changing the motherboard and CPU, or would I have to change other components such as my ram, graphics card, capture card, M.2 drive, and even the PC case as well?

Here is my current PC build:

Here is my potentially future build with an updated CPU and Motherboard:

This was my first PC that I built three years ago and best case scenario I'd only like to have to replace the motherboard and CPU. If I can keep my current M.2 boot drive would I have to buy another copy of Windows 10 or can I reinstall my current Windows 10 to the new motherboard? If so, would my boot drive have to be wiped clean? Would my storage drives have to be wiped clean as well?

I'm also considering buying a new CPU cooler, the Noctua NH-D15S is an amazing cooler but it's big and ugly. I figured if I'm going to upgrade my PC components, I might as well make my PC nicer looking. I'm not that into overclocking anymore like I was 3 years ago as I felt that it was pretty headache inducing for a noob like me and I'd be willing to settle down for a more lower-tier rgb air-cooler. However, I was considering buying an rgb aio cooler mostly for the looks and for the potential of overclocking down the line if I ever want to try to get back into that, but I'm deathly afraid of the risk of it leaking. I wanted to get other people's opinion on air cooling vs water-cooling. I'd do water cooling in a heartbeat purely due to the aesthetic appeal if it weren't for the risk of leaks.

I should also mention that my computer would be intended as a workstation for editing videos, 3D modeling, programming, video game-development, live-streaming, and some gaming on the side hence why I decided to go with the ryzen 3900x CPU over the i9 9900k. I wanted to ask, for my situation, what would be the best motherboard to pair with the 3900x? The motherboard in my potential build was just a random place-holder that I put down for the time being. I'm looking for a premium motherboard in the $300-400 range that would be good for a 3900x build intended for the workload I mentioned. Thank you for your time.

Vic 40

First on the current build,did you disconnect the front usb from the motherboard as well?

I would just start a new thread about new components if these old ones can't be revived. The wall of text might scare people off here.