Question I need help... new windows account appeared on my login screen, it has password and it has administrator rights...

Jul 10, 2021

I need help.

So the other day I noticed my only account on my laptop had lost administrator privileges to a random account that mysteriously appeared. The new random account has a password which I don`t know (I tried guessing a few and also tried no password and it doesnt work). Basically I can´t do anything beside use things I already have installed. I did try going to safe mode but it won´t let me before I pick an account, and I can only pick my own without admin rights. I also can´t use cmd or any command in it. I googled for days and only find few similar cases of ppl describing it happend to them but no fix was there.

If anyone had same issue or know how to fix it, I would appreciate it.

posts regarding password and other types of account bypassing are not allowed in Tom's forums,
so can't help you there.

not much you can do except format the drive and reinstall.
which may include removing the drive first if your account restrictions won't allow you to run disk management software on this system.
maybe try running a bootable USB Windows install package and see if you can delete the partitions and format the drive from there.