I want to buy a new video card for my new core i5 cpu


Oct 24, 2011
i want to buy a new video card for my new core i5 2500 cpu
so which graphic card is best for me
my budget is Rs.10,000-Rs.15,000

Also i want to ask which graphic card is best in following given below

Point Of View Gtx560 1GB Ddr5 Graphic Card
Point Of View Geforce Gtx560 2GB Ddr5
Xfx Ati Radeon Hd6850 1GB Gddr5 - HD 6850
Xfx Ati Radeon Hd5750 1GB Gddr5 HD 5750
EVGA Geforce GTX 460 1GB Superclocked Ddr5

Is Point of view is a good brand in graphic cards with a view of reliability ,performance,features ?????

please help me
Instead of Point of View , how about just going with Evga as a company. They make good reliable cards and they have a limited lifetime warrenty with great customer service and tech support. Can you get a GTX 560 as well as the GTX 460 from Evga.

they may have good tech support in USA. But people in the USA often forget that not everyone lives in the USA.
@ OP
1- Welcome to the forums. :)
2- GTX 560Ti is beating each card you listed in performance.
3- No need for the 2 GB version unless you're running above 1080P resolution.
4- Most of the reputable brands are MSI, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, Asus & finally Zotac, never heard of Point of View before.
Most purchases here are leaning towards the MSI Twin Frozer II or the Evga, but since the MSI Twin Frozer has better cooling, i would recommend it
I have not yet heard of POV but Ill assume they are the india version of powercolour

If you buy one (560) be sure you have a good power supply and forget completely about overclocking.

If you are still unsure look at what jyjjy linked to.
In your price range and same performance as the other cards should have
plus I (we) know this brand and can safely say it's something you should look at.