ibm 45gb hd problem with asus P5A motherboard?



have just got my new ibm deskstar 45gb hd that will not be found by my motherboard when i try to use my bios to auto search for it or when i let my machine boot up it stops when it is trying to locate my hd, i have tried ibm they got a bootdisk that i have used to tell the drive to use ata33 instead of ata100, but that didn't help, i have tried to update my bios, but it still isn't finding it, i know it is working because i can feel it booting up, and the program that ibm gave me found it so it has to be a problem with my motherboard, i put my old 10gb hd back in and it is working, that is how i am online now to ask this question, any help will be great!


Dec 31, 2007
Chances are even with the new bios your board cannot recognize the HDD. You have a couple of options here, One is to contact asus and ask them for an updated bios that will allow your motherboard to detect the hdd, two is to use a dynamic overlay program that fools your bios, and three, your best option, is to purchase a pci ata66 or better yet ata 100 controller that will see your hard drive. Not ony will you get by the autodetection problem, you will get better overall performance out of your new hard drive. An ata 66 controller by promise will cost you around 12 dollars these days.

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