Intel core 2 quad q9550 overclocking problems


Jul 2, 2012
Hey. I am new on this site so pls bare with me .
So i have problem with overclocking my cpu. I cant ewen get it past 3.0ghz . I read alot of oc guides and try many thinks but nothing helps me.

My computer is:intel core 2 quad q9550 3.0 with zalman cnps 10x performa cooler on it
kingston value 2x2gb 800mhz ram
asus p5q turbo motherboard
LC power arkangel 850w power supply

I always get same error in prime 95:FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4

i get this error on 2 of my cores at almost same time when i start the test.
I already got my core volts to 1.4V . I ewen tried to higher up my SB and NB and DRAM voltages but nothing helped me. I still got same error.
I am almost hopeless. I think i will newer be able to OC my pc. I am trying it for already 1 year.

Here are some pictures of my settings:

this are my rams:

if anyone know what could solve my problem i would be very happy

if u need anything else let me know:)

(sry for my bad english )

Have a nice day.HF



That's the VID voltage range. That has nothing to do with the safe processor voltage, all it means is that the processor will not automatically request more than 1.3625 volts from the VRM automatically. The absolute maximum voltage according to the datasheet is 1.45 volts. I ran a QX9650 for years on 1.4volts and it was fine



The VID range confuses a lot of people and rightfully so. All it is is an 8 bit value which is fed into the VRM's buck converter to automatically configure the Vcc rail (IA core voltage). The actual VID is burned into the processor when it is manufactured and is strongly related to the silicon quality. Two processors of the same model (such as two 3770k processors) may have two separate VIDs. The VID is hard coded and cannot be changed. Higher quality processors are more likely to have a lower VID.

The VID's full range depends on the architecture. The second generation Core 2 processors have a VID range from 0.5 volts through 1.6 volts, second generation i7s have a VID range of 0.25 volts through 1.52 volts. This is the full range of values that can be selected based on an offset and an 8 bit divider. Naturally, most of these values will either be above the safe voltage range or below the practical range, so they won't be selected.

The absolute maximum voltage isn't always published, gotta go digging for it.

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