Intel DP45SG & Q9550 processor


Dec 7, 2011
I am trying to upgrade the memory on this motherboard: Intel Extreme DP45SG/CPU Q9550 2.83 Mhz combo. Currently I have 4 1GB Kingston DDR3-1333 memory chips in the system and it is stable and runs like a dream. Water cooled, no overclocking. I have the latest BIOS installed SGP4510H.86a.0083.2008.0819.1026 - all that I have read says that this BIOS is required to go to 8GB RAM. I am trying to install 2 4GB sticks and have tried 4 different sets of memory - all DDR3-1333 - some 10600, some 10666. All I get is 3 beeps and no boot. All of the RAM sets are the latest is GSKILL Sniper F3-10666CL9D-8GBSR DDR3-1333 PC3-10666 4GB x 2 CL 1.5v. All the bios settings are automatic for the RAM, CPU. Anyone have a clue as to how I can get 8GB of RAM on this MB/CPU combo?