Intel scaling (xfire nd sli)


Aug 12, 2009
Worried about switching my system from amd to intel,

Just bought my 920 and now i noticed some benchmarks that say i7 can't scale ati graphics as well as the PhIIs so the question at hand is - since i have my 4890's which are pretty new and can rma them, should i RMA them and buy something like 2x 275's which would be better performance wise? are 9.8 drivers better for intel CPU's?
No. The 9.8 drivers that just came out use the multi threading capability with data switching between cpu and gpu much better.
Since the i7 is very good at this, it just caught up the rest of the cpus, and nVidia already corrected their drivers awhiles back, which was found out here on Toms, in a review. Youre simply getting the best out of whatever youre using, thats all, as 1 doesnt favor another, tho it helps the different archs.
The i7 920 is a fine cpu, and still has most higher returns in overall benchmarks, including games with multicard setups, its just that the gap has narrowed some is all