Internet Speeds Really Slow


Oct 27, 2011
Im not sure if this isn't the right area but hopefully it is.

My internet speed lately has been really really slow. I used to have download speeds of up to 8Mbps and upload of 0.4Mbps (terrible I know)

Now my internet speeds have been 0.8Mbps Download. This has been tested using Speedtest

I have no idea why its been this slow. This isnt just on one computer. Its on all computers on the network.

I use uTorrent quite a bit. Possibly my ISP has limited my speeds?

Any help will be great.

Thanks and Happy New Year!



I would start by connecting one machine directly to your cable/dsl modem and rebooting the modem. Then go to and check your speeds. If it comes back close to what you speed is rated at, then at least you've got it narrowed down to a router, or one of the machines on your network hogging all the bandwidth. If it comes back still very slow when connected directly to your modem, call your isp and haven't them come check things.

If they are shaping traffic which they almost certainly are, your speedtest results shouldn't be affected, but in your case that came back slow as well so it's likely something else.