[SOLVED] Is it possible to get decent aeroflow with minimal dust in the Aerocool Cylon


Feb 19, 2017
Hello I am a casual gamer on a budget and I want to get my temps down in my pc. My case is the Aerocool Cylon. The case has a back exhaust fan, a space for a fan at the top with a filter, a bottom filtered space for the psu, and 3 spaces for fans at the front, those spaces can also be populated by a radiator. I want to get good airflow because i recently bought a GTX 1050 which doesn't get too hot but the heat doesn't exit the case so well, and a Ryzen 5 2600x which can get pretty hot. So my question is, how can i get passable airflow with this case? Should I put a 1x radiator for my CPU at the front, have the back fan exhaust and the filtered top one intake and add 2 intakes to the front? I'm pretty confused. Any help would be appriciated thanks.

PS: The case fans i will use will be BeQuiet! Pure Wings 2 and the front intake area is UNFILTERED

My case: https://www.aerocool.com.tw/en/chssis/pgs-v/cylon
Mobo: Asus Prime B450-Plus
RAM: 2x4 GB Corsair Vengence 300MHz
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Palit


Sep 18, 2013
Well first things first, you will always get dust no matter what happens. Unless you're in a sealed off area like intel with protective dust free gear, it's inevitable. The best air flow configuration I've seen these days seem to be 3 in the front to pull, 1 exhaust in the back and 2 on top as exhaust. This way the airflow goes from semi-bottom and then to upwards pulling the cpu heat to the back and top as well.
There are some with interesting configurations such as the lian li series which have 3 more intake fans on the bottom and pulls that straight to the 1 back exhaust and 2 up top. As long as you have a decent balance of air pressure, target your hot spots, and have good cable management there really isnt a right or wrong way. Test them out and see what's best for your setup, Good luck!