Question Is there a way to play a custom sound for a flash drive when you plug it in

Jul 10, 2019
I know that there is a way to make the new drive found sound for Win10, but is there a way to auto run a batch file or something like that whenever you plug in the flash drive to play an mp3 or wave file?
Well, in Windows of course, u can tell it what to do when a removable storage is inserted into USB, and one of this option is RUN THIS.

Now Windows notices what kind of removable is this and follows some classifications, I forget the details, meaning, something else pop up when u insert a flash, vs mouse, vs an external DVD player for example.

Assuming you have intercepted the correct trigger and your RUN THIS app is invoked when a flash is inserted, do u want to do the same thing with ANY flash? if not then you need to build in the intelligence into RUN THIS on what to do.