Is this a dumb build considering my needs?


Dec 11, 2012
i5-3570k $230
Asus p8z77-V LX $140
Corsair Cx600 600 watt v2 $75
Sapphire AMD RADEON HD 7850 2GB $200
WD 1TB $75
GSkill (2x4) 8GB RAM $50
Samsung Internal DVD write $20
Cooler Master TC-102 Mid ATX HD Audio w/500W PSU Black $42.99

Total $924 (+tax)

Monitor: Asus M29 IPS 23": $150

I am primarily going to be playing F2P games like BlackLight, Alliance of Valiant arms, might venture into BF3 and COD BO2 but

Also would be recording game play, editing in Cinema4D, Adobe, Vegas and than hi-def rendering to put on youtube. Also was thinking of starting up photography, and than video editing would come into play. ALSO WILL BE COMPOSING MUSIC USING ABLETON, dont know how much AMD or Intel affects this. That is primarily my usage, my budget was $1000, but again i would LOVE IT, ABSOLUTE LOVE IT IF I can shave money off the parts from above, also please dont say why not get the non-k version if you dont plan to OC, its because the non-k 3570 is 10 dollars cheapter at a whopping 220 so....

Do I really need that 3570k

So considering my needs and also
not a bad build...
You could just go with the 1GB version of the 7850. I think you will find it will more more than enough. I play all the latest games at 1080p on a 37" HDTV and my card only has 512MB of video ram. The amount of video RAM is not as important as you likely think it is and that could save you some money.

Personally I'm buying a 7850 too and mine will be the 1GB version but mine is $175. So not a huge savings but every dollar adds up.

Also, have you considered the i5 3450 instead? at $195 that would save you $35

Total savings = $60

Also, the motherboard is one component that many people go overboard on because they don't know what to spend or what to get/look for.

Take a look at this one by MSI. ($89... $79 after mail in rebate)
Same chipset which makes for the same features from a well known quality manufacturer.

New total savings = $110
Or $120 if you include the mail in rebate