Question Is this the sign I need a better PSU?


Aug 21, 2016
Thought I did my homework but maybe the "super" in my new 1650 is what did me in?

*After installing 1650 Super in my modest desktop...
...I turn on power, get a quick flash on and off from my power light and then nothing. Then, I remove card, unplug for 10 seconds, and it powers back. (Computer seems back to normal).

- Should/can I either downgrade the video card or upgrade the PSU?

Or am I making a different mistake? First the computer:
PSU: EVA 80 Plus Bronze
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8100 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3600 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
(PREVIOUS video card that I remove) NVIDIA GeForce GT 710
Motherboard Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. Z370-A PRO (MS-7B48)

PSU photo

Cable I connect the PSU directly to the card

Ports on the PSU. Is PERIF1 the correct one?

Port on the card

Thank you.
Where are your PCIe 6+2 cables? The cables you showed us are 6 pin cable. That PSU comes with 2 8pin 6+2 cables. Do you have them?

24 Pin ATX1x
EPS (CPU)1x8pin(4+4)
PCIe2x 8pin (6+2)
Four-Pin Peripheral3x
Says right on the Amazon description only for Cooler Master and Thermaltake power supplies. The pinouts on the back of the power supply are not standard between brands and models. You need the EVGA cables.

If you click the 'compatibility' tab you'll see the 500 BQ listed for use with the cable I linked.
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The number on the psu connector is useless. It could be 4pin, 6pin, 8pin or more. All it is is a connection with specific orientation of power. It's a link between the psu and component. The only thing that is important about it is the power and ground pin placements and how they line up with the power at the gpu end, and those can change depending on model, vendor etc.

So you need an Evga BQ vga/gpu wire. That will plug into the psu and get the right arrangement of power at the gpu.

You see an 8pin on psu, but the psu might have 12v+ on top 4 pins and ground on bottom 4. A thermaltake psu might have the same 'looking' plug on the psu, but the left 4pins be 12v and the right 4 pins are grounds. Using a thermaltake wire on Evga psu might fit, but the power at the gpu would be very wrong.