Dec 25, 2011
Hello i just built my new rig in February and I have noticed that i am bogging down my network at home with 3 other laptops on it. I am with comcast with a 1.5-2 mbps deal and am going to upgrade but i don't know what i should get i am looking at :

Xfinity Double play digital preferred for $80.00 for 12 months and 100 for months 13-24 sign 2 year contract with internet of 20mbps right now i have basic cable willing to upgrade to better but just a feature in sorts

Xfinity 20 mbps: 30 for 6 months (promotion)
30: 73 a month

Verizon fios double play: 80 cable and internet 15 download, 5 upload

Verizon fios internet: 15/5:?
they don't display just internet prices but triple bundle prices

any you can think of that is fast.
FIOS should have the best speeds for the price, and their TV quality has always been the best. Just check what their prices are after the startup period. Although every place I have seen will extend the price to further years. My Charter bit was going to go up to close to $200 for my services, after I contact them, got it down to under 130.