Question Javascript doesn't work in any browser

May 21, 2020
I've had this issue ever since I first got this PC, so I figured it's about time I try get it fixed.

In every single browser I've ever used, I have found that certain scripting functions just blatantly will not work. I'm not technically knowledgeable enough to know which functions, I just know that some don't work. A good example of this is Captcha boxes, which I have never been able to view in any browser.

"" displays like this:

and this error appears in the F12 console display:
Loading failed for the <script> with source “[URL][/URL]”.

In addition to this as of a few months ago a simple Google Images search will only display a limited number of photos, which cannot be clicked on directly, shown below. This video also shows a number of other page elements that don't load correctly, including an interactive Google logo and the user services drop down menu.

Note that these sites aren't the only ones with issues, just that they most easily helped me make these problems clear.

I can test any websites or whatever would help to identify this issue if needed. Any help would be massively appreciated, this has been annoying me for a few years now.

Thanks in advance.