Question Laptop performance droped out of nowhere

Sep 23, 2021
So, my laptop just decided lower the performance out of nowhere.

I had some problems with my laptop before, I was having problems with the mouse lagging and my pc stuttering for aproximately 3 seconds, I tried resseting my Laptop which resolved the stuttering, but the performance lowered so much most of the games became... I wouldn't say unplayable but all the games on my pc now run -2x the performance than before and they all have micro-stutters

For example.

Apex Legends: From running 60-144FPS now runs at 40-80FPS with micro-stutters

Geometry Dash, A 2D GAME> From running 360 Stable FPS now runs at 144-240fps with micro stutters

Idk if this is a problem with the CPU or the GPU I pretty much tried everything so far I could by I wish someone could tell me if this is a unfixable problem or If I can fix this somehow

This is why I tried so far

  • Unistallling GPU Drivers
  • Installing AMD Chipset drivers
  • Enable Ultimate Performance on Windows 11 Settings
  • Enable High Performance Mode on Alienware Command Center
This are the specs of my Laptop

This Laptop is a
Dell G15 5515 Ryzen Edition

-Ryzen 5 5600H with Radeon Graphics
-8GB Ram 3200Mhz
-BC711 NVMe SK Hynix 512GB
-NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU
-AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics

(The laptop is not even 1 Year old that's why I am so worried)

For all I know this a CPU problem, the last thing I did on my Laptop which forced the CPU a lot is renderizing a 1080p60 on Filmora 11

Please I need help.


Retired Mod
Resetting is generally a poor option because all it does is reinstall the same bloated crap that was on there to start with. People choose this option because they are lazy and don't want to have to reinstall all their games and programs but you've already seen what the result of that is, a poor installation that more often than not doesn't work right.

I'd recommend that the first thing you do is make sure your Windows license is attached to YOU via a Microsoft account, and then do a clean install, which of course means you'll have to reinstall all your games and applications. You want to be sure to backup any important files, documents, pictures, settings and browser favorites to an external source, first, so you don't lose any of that. A flash drive or external drive usually. In some cases, cloud storage.

Very doubtful that this has anything to do with failed hardware and if it does then you'll know after doing the clean install in which case your laptop should still be under warranty if you bought it less than a year ago.