Question Laptop startup requires multiple attempts ?

Jun 28, 2021
Hello! My laptop was doing fine until about two days ago when I tried to turn it on. When I press the power button the laptop starts to boot up for a couple of seconds, the screen turns on, the fan starts, and then it suddenly turns off. I need to attempt to power it on around 4 times before it actually boots up with no problems. So far this has only happened when the laptop battery has died (0% battery).

Today I did some research and thought it might be the charger, so I connected it to another outlet but when I turned it on it still took multiple attempts to get it to boot up, and when it finally did it got hot really quick and automatically shut off. I waited for it to cool and turned it back on, that time it didn't require multiple attempts, and its working fine and not getting really hot like it did before. I have no idea what's going on, can anyone help?


I suspect a loose connection/short.

Likely heat related. Once warmed up something expands/moves contact is lost, laptop shuts down.

However, depending on circumstances the connection becomes a short and things get really hot.

I recommend having the laptop opened up and checked for loose connections and signs of heat related damage.

The problem is likely to re-occur.