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  1. N

    Question Windows 10 stuck booting after windows logo

    Hi everyone! I’m struggling with a huge issue: I have Windows 10 installed on a 500GB SSD, and apparently I screwed something up while messing with partitions and switching hard drives around (among other things) while building a second rig from spare parts. The actual issue I’m facing is that...
  2. kobainkhad

    Question Question about startup

    So i just got my PC about 2 weeks ago, and when i turn it there are always 2 tiles one asking me to startup in Windows 10 or to Restore Windows (i believe thats what it says at least). My question is how do i change it so i don't have to always choose windows 10 and it just starts it up...
  3. __Dodger__

    Question How to improve startup speed on SSD

    I have a decent PC with i9 9900k, 32GB RAM, RTX2080ti and an nvme SSD main drive yet over time while the boot time is the same once I log in it takes a while for windows to startup and launch all my startup programs. Its like its launching one and not doing anymore until the last is done. Is...
  4. 9

    Question Windows will only boot from Windows Boot Manager?

    So I was just hanging out playing minecraft on my PC today when all of the sudden a huge thunderstorm came rolling by. The Power flickered for a second and it causes my PC to reset twice. My PC is plugged up to a Serge protector. Thought Okay no big deal the power just went out. But now when I...
  5. T

    Question Seeing "Scanning and repairing drive" for half a second on startup

    Since yesterday I've been seeing the scanning and repairing message on startup. I always shutdown from start menu, so I'm not dumping the ram. It's been occurring every time I shutdown and startup, should I be concerned?
  6. M

    Question EZ LED Bug Lights

    So, hardware I am running. CPU - AMD 3600x Stock GPU - Nvidia 1070 RAM - DDR4 Corsair 2x8GB at 3200mhz Motherboard - MPG x570 Gaming Edge Wifi Problem - I've never noticed this before when I started up my computer, I've noticed now that every single one of my Ez LED Bug lights to flash once and...
  7. S

    Question Gamepad not letting PC start up

    I've owned a Logitech rumblepad F510 for years, thought it hasn't seen much use. I've decided to start using it again and have been doing so for at least a month just fine. Yesterday when i went to turn on my pc, I found that it would not start up and got stuck on the motherboard screen. I...
  8. Porschecarrera96

    Question Rebuilt PC hangs after boot up.

    I recently upgraded most of my hardware. MOBO, CPU, RAM, GPU, PSU. I kept my 250 GB SSD boot drive, and my 1 TB HDD. I also added a 1 TB SSD to install my more demanding games. Everything works great, but if I restart, or shut down and start, File Explorer will freeze for the first couple...
  9. R

    Question CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Windows 10 Startup

    Recently I haven’t been able to get onto my PC at all. I first started getting this error message on startup: DRIVER_IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL But now I am getting this error message: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED I cannot boot in safe mode either as I get the same error message. I have tried a system...
  10. Z

    [SOLVED] Help with Computer Startup

    I’ve had my computer for a while and all of sudden after turning it off it now turns on but won’t display anything. All my lights and fans come on though. I even tried connecting it to my TV via HDMI and the same problem came up. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. Kixyyyy

    Question Windows 10 start up

    When i try to launch my pc. The windows sometimes takes really long to go on or it doesnt at all. When it does turn on it works normally as always. This problem came when i swapped my Motherboard and cpu probably? and i also switched from windows 10 to windows 10 pro.
  12. Kixyyyy

    Question Problems with RAM. ASRock b450M pro4

    RAM is causing slow startup times, sometimes not booting at all, sometimes quick as lightining. Sometimes freezes my pc up. Ryzen 5 3600 Hyperx trident 2666Mhz 2x4Gb Asrock b450m pro4
  13. Merovie

    Question Computer taking a long time to power up

    I inherited a computer from my guitar player to be solely used for music after we assumed the power supply had gone out because when we tried to start it up - nothing. I took it home and when I turned on the power switch in back I noticed the green LED light had come on. After awhile the...
  14. kutline

    Question Random Restart and Brown Screen of death?

    Video (Error Message at 0:32 is "DVI No Signal"): View: I've had a couple episodes so far in the last two days where my PC would act strange. The first one I was playing Watch Dogs (2014) when my screen turned completely brown, no error message and Ctrl-Alt-Del...
  15. D

    Question Vertical coloured lines on bootup

    Vertical coloured lines when I start the computer. This happened after I did an AMD driver update. I've checked the cable if it's plugged in correctly with no change. sometimes its blank after a restart and most of the time its rainbow lines.
  16. hustleking

    Question Power loss during startup, will no longer boot

    The power went out while my PC was booting up and it will no longer boot from the same drive. I installed another copy of windows on a different drive and I am able to access my files but I would really like to fix my old OS (if possible) rather than buy another copy and have to reconfigure all...
  17. A

    Question Programs won't start with Windows - Startup tab is empty

    Hello, recently bought a new computer with a Windows 10. I've set a few programs to start with Windows (when I turn the PC on), but none start with it. Moreover, when I go on the Taskbar and navigate to the Startup tab, it's empty. I tried to manually add those programs to start with Windows...
  18. J

    Question Windows 10 freezes at desktop

    Hi all, As the world has begun to self quarantine, I thought it was time to get my custom built PC out of the cupboard. I haven’t used it since 2017. When I turned it on yesterday, it kept freezing after startup and was generally slow. It had never done this before. I went through the reset...
  19. Coolboy951

    Question Windows stuck on start up screen

    Hey guys, im trying help a friend out with their computer issues. everytime they start it up it shows the spinning loading icon and stays there even when you try to boot from a USB. We can get into bios but we cant get past the start up. Anything will help.
  20. tobythornton2001

    Question Startup problems!

    Every time I startup my PC it goes through a lengthy startup process!! I don't know why or how to fix it?!