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  1. K

    Question PC powers on only after 20 minutes delay after wall switch is turned on

    Hello, everyone! I've been experiencing a peculiar and frustrating issue with my office PC lately and I'm at my wits' end trying to resolve it. PC config: AMD 3600xt (stock fan) Gigabyte B550 GAMING X V2 (rev. 1.0) motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 3200MHZ x3 [48GB in total)...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] On startup my PC reboots about 5 to 7 times, then boots to Windows ?

    So yesterday I upgraded a number of items in my pc as I have done before multiple times. The pc on first start up, with my m.2 nvme ssd with Windows OS, reboots 5 or 6 times before the start screen finally comes up. I updated drivers and everything on the pc and cannot seem to find the issue...
  3. N

    Question Windows would wait for a considerable amount of time when starting up for the fan to rev up ?

    An overview of my build: MB: ASUS A68HM-E CPU: AMD A10-7860K (iGPU in use) dGPU: MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, 1GB RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3-1866 8GB x2 Storage (System, Windows): SanDisk X400 M.2->SATA 128GB (ripped from an old laptop) Storage (Data): Seagate BarraCuda ST2000DM001-1ER164 2TB...
  4. cwebb40

    Question My PC Won't Start After Installing a New CPU Cooler

    EDIT/FIXED: I tried a new PSU, but found the same issue so I ended up having to replace my motherboard. As soon as I put everything on to the new motherboard, including the new AIO cooler, Corsair fans, and Commander Core XT, the pc booted and began to run like normal! EVENTS UP UNTIL FAILURE...
  5. H

    Question PC freezes on windows startup after in-game black screen crash

    Hi, I built a pc about 4 months ago, it worked fine until yesterday. I was playing then had a black screen, I had to force shutdown and when booting windows froze on loading screen. Now every time I boot it freezes on the loading screen even in repair mode. I tried to plug a windows usb but it...
  6. L

    Question Macbook Pro 2019 won't start ?

    My Macbook Pro required some maintenance as it was overheating on the most basic tasks. So with some help we cleaned the heatsinks and fans. And swapped the crusty dry paste for some fresh noctua paste. After the swap we reconnected everything and started the mac just fine. Gave stuff a quick...
  7. B

    Question PC won't turn on

    I replaced my cmos battery a month ago after I was having issues with my computer turning on, but now it won't just turn on. Specs: AMD FX-8350 Cpu, Asus m5a99x r2.0 mobo, 16 gb ddr3 ram, gigabyte AMD r9 270x GPU, 750 gigabyte PSU (replaced a 650 watt psu 6 months ago.
  8. J

    Question startup failure after disconnect and connect all cables

    Hi Every one, I built a pc. The pc works good only if i disconnect and connect all cables the pc not start. See movie in onedrive link. Pc try to start, fans rotate very short and that repeat again and agian. If i during this take out all cables then pc start. I tryd combinatios with the cables...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] PC Refusing to Start after USB Power Surge

    As the title says, a few days ago I got an USB power surge warning as I was charging a few too many VR accessories through my USB ports. Unplugged all the devices and everything seemed normal. However, when I tried to start the PC the next day, it would refuse to boot. The fans spun up and the...
  10. Vitorcj

    Question Need help, PC failing to Start

    So just came home from work today and tried to start my PC. Right after pressing the power button, it started and about 1 second later it shut down again. It kept doing this process over and over unitil I had to plug it off. Im trying to figure out if the problem is my PSU or the MoBo, or...
  11. tsen134

    Question Unresponsiveness and strange behaviour after boot

    About a month ago upgraded my CPU, GPU, and installed a new m.2 drive. Recently I've been encountering some strange issues after booting. At first, I was getting an unresponsive task bar, I could navigate the menus and such but I couldn't click anything (including shutdown and restart buttons)...
  12. N

    Question No monitor signal / unable to factory reset ?

    Hello, this all started a day ago when i booted up my PC and was randomly met with "no signal" on my monitor. After i restarted my PC once or twice it went into some sort of automatic repair because it "didnt shut down properly" after the auto repair the "no signal" issue was seemingly fixed...
  13. D

    Question New build won't boot

    New Asus b450m-a ii and cpu and ram. The hard-drive and gpu are from an older system. The only way it will turn on is to jump the power pins on the board. Get a message to insert a boot disc. It runs and ends up at "Free dos" and a c:\> prompt. I do not know what to do. The old hard drive...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] My PC lags on startup, only way to fix was restarting the computer

    Ryzen 7 3700X with a 1060 6 gb, wondering why my pc does this, dont really understand, I can fix it with the reatrt but it gets annoying to have to restart the computer on every boot up, Ive tried turning things off in the startup and every thing ccleaner driver boosters you name it ive tried...
  15. F

    Question Windows 10 needs to startup twice each time

    Hi, I'm facing an issue with Windows 10 Pro (21H2) 64bit. Each time I try to turn on my PC after it has been turned off, It starts / reaches windows startup screen (with the loading circle) /but doesn't show the loading circle / screen goes black /restarts, then starts up. So each time it has...
  16. A

    Question I Believe The Power Supply Is Starting To Fail -- Issue Started Overnight

    PC was fine yesterday... Went to bed... This morning attempted to turn the PC on... noticed a 1 second delay between pressing the power button and the machine actually powering on. It starts and runs fine after that... But this sudden startup delay is worrying me. Also, usually when I change...
  17. A

    Question Pc seemingly randomly Boots up very long and clears CMOS.

    Hello everybody, I hope you can provide some Insight into my newfound Problem. I recently changed my Case, since my old one started to break a bit (1 fan had a broken bearing and the others certainly werent in much better shape). After said change i first had the Issue mentioned in the Title...
  18. sanket5real

    [SOLVED] pc shows black screen on after installing nvme ssd

    i bought a kingston nvme ssd today when i installed it and started PC , it shows blank screen, no bios nothing I have gigabyte b450m ds3h if i remove it and start PC, on my HDD it starts normally Do i need to do some setting in BIOS before installing ssd ?
  19. thejroberts55

    Question Installed new ram. Didn't boot. Now old Ram is bot working too.

    Hello, and thank you in advance. Today, I installed an 8 gb 3200 MHz ram together with a 4gb 2666 MHz ram. I read somewhere that this is fine since the higher ram will just clock down. Now, when I booted it with the 12 gb ram, it fails to boot normally and loops in "Automatic Repair couldn't...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] VGA Debug Light On Startup Goes Away After Auto Restart

    Hey, I just put together a new build 5600X, B450 Tomahawk Max 2, GT1030, Kingston 16Gb RAM. When I turn on the PC the VGA debug lights up, screen is black, I think the system restarts automaticly, after that VGA debug light goes away and everything works fine. I can play games and watch...
  21. QsEfThUkO;08

    [SOLVED] Computer will not POST

    Yesterday I got a 5770 for my Mac Pro. I flashed it using my main build and put it in my the Mac Pro I purchased it for, and it worked. Today I reassembled my main build with its usual parts. I turned it on, and nothing happened. No POST, no beeps, blank screen. The fans are on, but nothing ese...
  22. D

    Question "Reboot and select proper boot device" after installing a new SSD ?

    Hello i have recently installed a new Samsung ssd in my pc and upon booting it back up i am greeted with a "Reboot and select proper boot device" error. i have a 250gb samsung 970 evo which was the boot drive with windows on it. Another 1tb 970 evo and the newest ssd is a 2tb qvo. I had a 2tb...
  23. F

    Question Strange PC startup

    So when I start my pc the fans and all the usb devices turn on after a few seconds they turn off again then another few secondes they turn on again and I get the mobo logo in my screen. It feels like it's taking longer and longer sometimes. I have no idea what's going on or what it is. Mobo...
  24. Emilie_R

    [SOLVED] Bluescreen at startup after virtualization ?

    Hello, (sorry for my english, this is a 95% google trad😩) I work in a small company and we have a server that is essential for our activity. This was set up about ten years ago by an enthusiast who is no longer present today. It is essential for our daily activity but its equipment is...
  25. S

    Question Gyazo - How do you stop it from popping up when it finishes auto-updating?

    I really only use this application for gifs I want to make on rare occasions and therefore disabled it up on start-up, but I noticed it popped out of nowhere when it finished updating despite that. Does anyone know how to stop gyazo from ever running unless you open the application? Will it...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] Startup warning: "Memory modules were found on non-optimized memory slot"

    Hi everyone, From what I understand, this is just advising me to change which slots I have my RAM plugged into. My question is, why is it telling me this now when it never used to? Thanks
  27. Corpcomp

    Question New build keeps resetting itself while trying to set it up ?

    So I recently built a computer that keeps on resetting itself while trying to set up. It will get about maybe 5 to 10 seconds in before shutting off the screen and resetting the motherboard, It doesn't shut off any fans or actually close the whole computer. I know the CPU, ram, HDD and PSU are...
  28. UniSense

    [SOLVED] Red light on startup but goes away

    I recently upgraded to a asrock b550 pro4 to accommodate a ryzen 5 5600x. Whenever I boot my pc up, all the red lights flash and the fans go to full speed and then low speed and then it does that same sequence again. However they go away and then it starts as if everything’s fine and I can play...
  29. n0Kyu

    Question Sudden Slow Boot Time with SSD ?

    Hey everyone, hope you all are having a great day. (PC Specs will be at the bottom) So basically, my PC is relatively new (1+ year), never had any issues, and had a fast boot time of around 10-15 seconds. Suddenly today, the boot time has become so slow (~2 minutes) where the screen is just...
  30. Aduar97

    Question Second monitor problem at startup

    I have an MSI GS66 connected to a Dell P2210 1680x1050@60hz (HDMI to DVI) and Acer ET322QK 4K@30hz (Type-C to HDMI). Laptop screen is defective so it is disconnected. Whenever I shutdown the laptop and turn it back on, the Acer says no signal. But when I close the laptop and then open and turn...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] RAM usage high even after startup please help

    I have an old pc, its windows 10 operating system, 8GB of ram(now at 7.8GB), 2 days ago the RAM usage that my pc took after startup, started to rise, first it was normally 60%, then it turned to 70%, then 80%, and today it was 90%. CPU is stuff are completely normal. after trying to lower RAM by...
  32. atjeng666

    [SOLVED] NVMe become slower after startup

    Hello everyone, I have Kingston 512GB (i dunno what type) and WD Black SN750 1TB on my laptop. My laptop is acer nitro 5 ryzen 7, it have 2 m.2 nvme slot and 1 sata hdd If I check on crytaldiskmark in the beginning of my startup the speed is normal. Kingston (2800/1500) & WD (3400/3000) but...
  33. A

    Question HDD Started making noise on startup?

    4 days ago my hdd started making noises on startup, which I can describe as scanning / printer noises or something like that. Maybe grinding noises? But they are not that loud or bad. When it makes those noises it does not boot further until it stops, only then does it show my bios and loads the...
  34. muckbunny

    Question PC keeps freezing after restart

    Okay so recently I had an issue where my pc would boot up and only my monitor worked, keyboard and mouse won’t. So I went to fix the issue by rubbing an eraser on my rams. My pc worked fine for about a week. Today when I boot up my pc everything boots as usual, I logged in as usual and after a...
  35. D

    [SOLVED] how to stop microsoft edge from auto starting at bootup

    this just started. i am guessing with one of windows 10 updates. my version is 21H1 (build 19043, 1466) when i boot up my laptop.. microsoft edge starts up automatically and the browser opens. up. it is not listed in startup programs. in settings under accounts.. and sign in options.. i have...
  36. super_computer

    [SOLVED] Can't access BIOS and Windows not starting ?

    Dear Sir, Please help me! I can't enter BIOS even after pressing DEL/F2/F8/F12/END KEY, it only shows 'Prepare to Enter'. After that an undersore symbol keeps blinking at top-left of screen. I can't start Windows either. I did every possible trick but nothing works: RAM Changed, Processor...
  37. Q

    [SOLVED] RAM Upgrade Causes Blue/Green lines and Freeze on Startup

    Hey y'all, I've had an HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop for almost exactly a year now. It came with 8gb RAM, 2 x 4 strips. I am trying to upgrade it to 16gb, 2 x 8 strips. The strips match the previous ones (DDR4, PC4) and I bought two identical strips from a Best Buy that a specialist...
  38. I

    [SOLVED] My PC keeps crashing to blue screen of death, and windows media tool doesnt work

    Hi all, recently my PC has been behaving quite oddly. At first, it started with my PC simply just crashing explorer.exe a lot, I'd have to restart my computer because the explorer kept hanging. Recently though it's been behaving more oddly, it requires a disk checkup on boot and then, blue...
  39. E

    Question Pc not loading correctly (turns on but no display or USB ports)

    Hi I’ve had this issue on and off it’s seemingly random. I load my pc and the fans turn on and I hear the pc start up, but after about 4 seconds i hear a powering down noise and then the monitors and all USB ports don’t work or show anything. The pc remains on and makes no funny noises Any idea...
  40. S

    Question Is the Intel graphics command center necessary for startup? I never use the application and I don't believe it does anything for my system so I'm wondering if I even need it on startup or if I can uninstall it.