Jan 13, 2003
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It's an 8500.

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It looks like the particle accelerator Michio Kaku built in his garage.

My biggest question is, does it take up an extra PCI slot? :wink:

Stuff like that looks awesome, but for everyday use I prefer just spending the extra money and getting an R9600P, but then again I' not a mad modder, so I'm speaking a relative luddite.

Now if you attached all that on an R9800P/XT then I'd understand. :cool:

I wonder how this would do against liquid cooling (especially with that new Voodoo setup). I think that would be more elegant (and quiet). But then again you don't have
'catastrophic leaks' with air cooling, just potential fan failure, and with a good monitor and huge heatsink like that it would like not be catastrophic.

Still it look nice, and may just have the ability to reverse the flow of time. :eek:

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