Nov 2, 2009
Well i have been thinking about it and i really want to upgrade my OS. I have been thinking about either getting Windows Vista ultimate 64 bit upgrade disk or Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit upgrade disk. I want to go to a 64 bit because i have a compatible processor and it can read more ram then 32 bit versions. I also want to make the change because i like to play games, more specifically Modern warfare 2 and Left for dead 2. Vista has DX10 and 7 has DX11 so i would like to get either of those two. I really dont know which one to get. Could some one tell me what they think i should get. BTW i have Xp pro now.


well, as for DX 11, vista has that too (with a little cheat , it will become available to the public in a month or so)

I've had Vista & Windows 7, and I think if your starting new, Windows 7 is the way to go.
I liked Vista, don't get me wrong, but windows 7 is allot 'lighter' of an OS. It boots quicker, i think gadgets take less resources, ect.
Games are usually comparable on both OSes, not really a clear winner.
Buy why go w/ something old, when the new and (in theory) better is available?