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  1. S

    Question COD Modern Warfare 1.67 Patch issues (9/28/2023)

    Hi guys, I am having major issues out of nowhere with the latest patch 1.67 (9/28/2023). Everything has been working perfectly fine, but I was forced to install the latest patch update 1.67 which now won't let me play the game anymore. This is such a bummer and so frustrating. I can enter...
  2. T

    Question I’m experiencing a grid-like pattern of colored squares that appear on lighting

    I am experiencing a grid like pattern of colored squares on my display. Anyone got an idea of how to fix this?
  3. LainCrad

    Question Temperature issue with Low Profile 1050 Ti ?

    Hello I have: i7-3770 Motherboard H61H2 CM2 GTX 1050 TI Low Profile 8GB Ram 4x2 PC3 12800 AZZA 650W Power supply And my problem is, i play Legends of Keeper and ok the temps are 40-45 no problem with this, but when i close the game my temps down normally but in a one point for example 38C no...
  4. S

    Question This is a really weird display bug and hard to replicate: Flickering Horizontal Lines ?

    This bug makes me worried something is wrong with either my monitor or GPU even though it’s behavior points to it being purely a driver/OS issue. The bug is these small sparkling/flickering horizontal lines appearing on screen: View: https://imgur.com/a/Sf0LAk7 These lines appear all over...
  5. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Black Void bug in RDR2 - is it GPU or game related??

    EDIT: Switching from Vulkan to DX12 has eliminated the issue but I am still wanting to understand why or at least if this is a software specific error in order to rule out it being my GPU. Video linked below text I recently built a new system and got an OLED screen and have naturally been...
  6. J

    Question A black box flashes on the screen ?

    A couple days ago I noticed every now and then a black box would flash on my computer screen for a fraction of a second, and I'd get tabbed out of any application I have open. It usually flashes about twice, and there seems to be no consistency on how often it flashes (anywhere from every 20-60...
  7. X

    Question Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” Error for Windows 10

    Hello i have the following problem: When i start my pc it shows sometimes Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key It fixes it when i pull of the cables of my SSD but not everytime i pull them off it get fixed... Sometimes i need to pull...
  8. G

    Question Second screen showing but cant use it properly

    Hi, so, Just last night my second screen stop functioning correctly. it is displaying correctly, but now I cannot drag any app/window/file explorer window over to it. As soon as I drag an app to the edge of the primary screen it starts to resize the app. I cannot have a window display half on...
  9. M

    Question Poor clock speeds on 3200mhz ram

    Hi guys, I’ve recently noticed my ram clock speeds are low. Im using 2x16gb ddr4 ram which both run at 3.2ghz, however, the bios detects them running around 2.1 - 2.6 ghz on dual channel mode. So far I've set the xmp to profile 1, installed the ram on a2 b2 (according to manual), manually...
  10. I

    Question Light sources in-game are too bright, graphical issues

    Is my GPU dying or something? Or is this some sort of driver issue? I updated my Nvidia drivers a while back then I noticed this started happening, but I updated it again a few days ago using clean installation(on the nvidia wizard, not DDU). The first 2 pictures were the first ones that...
  11. Bad Harambe

    Question PC boot loop ?

    Hello everyone, I have a PC with a ASUS Z97X Killer Motherboard and an Intel i7. My pc died the other day and is now not booting. Whenever I plug the power and turn on the PC it stays on for like 30 secs, then shuts off, then it restarts itself for five seconds trying to boot, fails again, and...
  12. N


    Hey! After installing my new GPU (mentioned in title) my Warzone 2 FPS is the same or even worse then my old gpu. I'm getting around 110-135FPS with an i9 10900K 5Ghz all core Overclock 16gb DDR4 3200MHz XMP enabled. . I was monitoring my CPU usage with HWmonitor and it only shows me 5% cpu...
  13. venzah

    Question Main desktop moves to secondary monitor

    Hello everyone! Recently I updated my PC to win 11. I have two monitors plugged into the GPU. (DP and HDMI) The problem I’m facing is that when I open CSGO on my main monitor, the whole desktop 1 (main) goes to my second monitor. And basically my second desktop dissapears until I out tab from...
  14. F

    Question Artifacts/graphical bug?

    Hello guys! I recently bought a second hand Acer Nitro 5 laptop with a gtx 1660ti and an i5 10300h. I've just downloaded total war warhammer 3, and run the in game benchmark to see how it runs, and this is what welcomed me. These are apperently called artifacts(?) which means this gpu is on its...
  15. WhiteNoize55

    Question Game/Computer freezes, then CPU usage drops to 6/7% ?

    Hello everybody! I've had this problem for like 3 months now but it has gotten way worse recently so I had to reach out for help. What is happening is that whenever I play a semi-demanding game (like RDR2 or Dying Light), my game/computer would freeze for around 45 seconds minimum to upwards of...
  16. R

    Question newly built pc showing no display

    hello everyone, i just built a new pc but after installing all the stuff, i ran into a problem as the pc won't boot up and shows the message no signal on the screen. Here is my specification: MSI PRO B-660M- G DDR4 Intel Core i5-13400F MSI Ventus 3x 3070Ti RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX PC25600...
  17. M

    Question System won't display anything when it wakes from sleep mode ?

    hi guys, I've been facing an issue since I've completed my build sometime early 2022. I didn't take the problem serious since but it has been reflecting it on the power bill. To take things more in context, my system won't output any video signal, sounds or function within software activities...
  18. bishoukun

    Question Clipboard is spontaneously adding a text string ?

    Hello all, I've been a lurker for years, and you lovely folks have solved problems I haven't found answers to anywhere else multiple times. So, with this issue nowhere to be found even here, and persisting to more than six months now, I decided to just go ahead and be the one to ask. What's...
  19. W

    Question Elden ring not working on my PC.

    When I launch the game it starts with a white blank screen then black with just the cursor. Nothing happens for a few minutes, if I minimise it'll stop responding, but if I wait it'll start the game, but my keyboard doesn't work and I can't accept the T&C. I tried reinstalling, starting it in...
  20. SulofShadow

    Question Gliches when open a game!

    Hello! When I open RDR2 and League of Legends, just glithces the escreen. Only happen with this 2 games, but in LOL when you get back to de desktop, the bug dissapear, but I don't have this luck with RDR2 and the bug don't let me play. This is the link to watch the problem: Google Drive link...
  21. busdriver88

    Question BSOD only when gaming?

    Hello, I have a weird problem and Ive failed to find someone who has/had a similar one. When I play games (e.g. FIFA23) I certainly receive a BSOD after 5-10. After that my PC gets another BSOD while booting up again, or it will boot but will get another BSOD when the first autostarting programs...
  22. M

    Question Pink flickering screen wtih laptop mostly with browser too

    So this is happening yesterday and its going on now, But my laptop has been facing a problem recently and the problem is that the screen has been flickering pink, I don't know how this happened but the way that it started was I was browsing around firefox, Till I found out that one of the...
  23. G

    Question Windows 10 acting weird on first boot

    Hello, it has been a few months since my last clean installation of windows 10. The past few weeks I have noticed that sometimes when I boot my PC windows is acting strangely. For example : If I right click to open the menu and hit refresh, the refresh button stays on the screen. Apps take...
  24. Blaze Lazuli

    Question BSOD error while playing GTAV

    Honestly i'm not sure whats causing it but every time I play GTAV with my friends it will result in a BSOD and reset my computer. Ive tried to set up a minidump but even following the settings nothing gets created so im assuming that it crashes faster than it can make a dump. Checking the event...
  25. T

    Question MOBO sometimes multiboots

    Hi all, I've occasionally encountered an issue with my PC where sometimes during start-up it enters into a very rapid multiboot sequence (as in, no display to monitor, all I can hear is the click from the mobo speaker informing me it's started operation, and the fans whirring, then stopping)...
  26. R

    Question PC Hardware - several bugs

    Hello, I hope you are doing well, I come to you because I have different bugs with my PC. These bugs come sometimes together and sometimes one by one. List of bugs: The most dangerous one is that, sometimes, when I boot up the PC no fan is working, neither the AIO fans connected to CPU_FAN, so...
  27. PsychoPsyops

    [SOLVED] HDR turns off automatically after sleep mode ?

    Hello all, I have an issue where after every time I wake my pc from sleep mode, I find that HDR has been disabled in Windows 11. My previous pc running Windows 10 did not have this issue. I am using the same gpu, hdmi 2.1 cable, and display with all the same display settings as well. Does...
  28. T

    Question I need help before computer freezes and crashes again ?

    From event viewer. The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000116 (0xffff8c81e3e50010, 0xfffff800840a1218, 0xffffffffc000009a, 0x0000000000000004). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: c92c8fdf-fc07-4c4f-bc27-34c22428a21e. EDI: Also, when i tried...

    Question BUG sound volume spike after 27

    So basically my problem: I have a brand new lenovo laptop with windows 11 on it (it was preinstalled before purchase) and after a good month of using it I booted up at some point and found a weird bug with sound volume bar. The issue is that when I change volume of it from 1 to 27 it gradually...
  30. Reaverrose

    Question Core 0 stuck at 100% no Matter what

    After Windows two days ago my core 0 had been stuck at 100% with the system being painfully slow, I checked the processes, there's no app running that's hogging it, had two fresh windows installs on an SSD and HDD yet the issue persists, any help ? (Laptop, i5 6300hq, 8gb ram)
  31. Gecko_Pirate

    [SOLVED] Search Bar not working in "Start" and "Explorer".

    So basically when I try using the search bar from the Start it automatically closes and when I try using it in Windows Explorer nothing happens, it would not let me type or anything. I tried (almost) every tutorial on YouTube and none of them worked. Here's a quick video on what it looks like...
  32. gigabelcior

    Question which graphics card can I buy for i5 9600K without bootleneck of CPU???

    Will a core i5 9600k bottleneck with a rtx 3060 Ti??
  33. Miltoid19

    [SOLVED] USB plug In and plug out sound repeating

    Hello there, I have started getting some USB disconnect and reconnect sounds out of nowhere and I don't seem to be able to find the source. I have downloaded USBLogView and it shows me well this The amount of times this is happening to me seems random and it tends to happen more often whenever...
  34. T

    Question 0x124_16_GenuineIntel__UNKNOWN_IMAGE_GenuineIntel.sys

    Hi Guys, I'm sorry to bother you today but i need huge help about my problem.Here it is, yesterday while i was playing with my friends on apex legend, the game's texture began to glitch and my pc frooze/crash and reboot in a short time. ( Pc of 4 years ) Now its like that on every game, and...
  35. LordVasky

    [SOLVED] [PC] Audio problem/bug with speakers and headset

    Context: Headset(HyperX Cloud Stinger Core) connected to the front panel(3.5mm jack, 1 Mic-In and 1 Headphone-Out) of the PC; Speakers(Logitech Z333) connected to the back panel (3.5mm jack, Line-Out/Front Speaker Out); Main Objective of all this: Be able to easly switch between Headphones...
  36. M

    Question Hunt Showdown texture glitch ?

    Having this odd issues of white blocks appearing when I come around corners, and quickly disappearing. I've tried 4 different nvidia drivers and in-game graphics options have no effect on the issue. i9-10850k MSI 1080 DUKE OC 16GB Corsair LPX CL16 3200MHZ EVGA SuperNova 750G3 SAMSUNG EVO plus...
  37. SilentShadow17

    Question Problem with Escape From Tarkov

    Hi, I'm currently having a problem where when I load up the game and join a raid after around 5 - 10 minutes all my peripherals including my monitors will all shut off but my pc stays on and its boots me back to the lock screen of my monitor as if i just turned on my computer. Its only happening...
  38. 4

    [SOLVED] Windows 8 shutdown sound plays on windows 10 and 11 randomly.

    Hello, I never ever met with something like this before, so basically for some reason I hear windows 8 shutdown noises randomly. Playing games, watching videos, talking to friends. My pc is perfectly fine with everything else. I upgraded to windows 11 just now and this devilish sound is still...
  39. nerdaocn


    I'm desperate, I've done everything and I couldn't find any solution My old setup was an i5 4460, 16gb RAM DDR3 and GTX 970. The games ran with great performance (Red Dead Redemption 2 40~60 fps full hd High settings for example) I changed my motherboard, processor and RAM for a Ryzen 5...
  40. ptminerva

    [SOLVED] Win10 Cannot disable "Use HDR"

    View: https://imgur.com/a/qFmru1R Picture says most of it. I cannot disable HDR settings, my monitor is the LG 27GL83A-B . Any ideas? Am I just missing something silly here?