Question low GPU and CPU usage resulting in sub 60 fps on some games


Feb 13, 2020
I bought a new RX 6600 XT about 6 months ago and everything seemed to run fine until I've encountered this issue. Snowrunner, Ghost Recon Wildlands, GTA V, Homefront Revolution and Blade and Sorcery all seem to share this problem. This issue also seems to affect about all steam VR titles I've tried so far. I'm able to run some VR games in OCULUS VR mode which doesn't use steam VR and that seems to fix the issue, but not all games have this feature.

When I run these games, I experience framerates that are well below my expectations. They are all below 60 fps. Some of them are years old at this point, so that caught my attention ASAP. I'll reference GTA V just for demonstration. The other games do very similar stuff.

My GPU sits around 70% and my CPU below 70%. The game almost runs fine, but as the GPU is capped at 70% and I enter a more demanding part of the game the fps drops to low fifties and the GPU usage remains at 70%. When I go to the settings and increase some demanding stuff like MSAA to higher levels. The GPU usage can go up as far as to 100%, but the game still runs like crap because I'm obviously not able to run the game at MSAA 8X. Same stuff with increasing the render scale. And this goes for all the other games. Some even run at 30 fps. Other games run completely fine.

I tried all kinds of stuff to fix this. Updating chipset drivers, updating BIOS, completely reinstalling my GPU drivers using DDU, disabling all services and startup programs and even that bs stuff like changing power plan playing around with Radeon software settings windows setting etc., but none of it fixed it and I'm totally helpless.

my rig:
Intel core I7-8700
Radeon RX 6600 XT
16 GB ddr4 2400 MHz
500 W PSU
Gigabyte Z370 HD3-CF motherboard
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