Jan 18, 2006
ok i recently just moved my computer from my orignal house to my mates house got it there fine set it up .... it would boot to safe mode but wouldnt boot in windows mode at all kept locking up on the xp loading screen ... after about 30 minutes of stuffing around with it trying to take out my network card gfx card and other devices... it still wasnt working so i try to cut the power off to it for about 15 minutes completly by taking out the power cable and having it switched off ............................. 15 minutes later i come back i pluged in the power cord again click it on at the rear and the computer wont even start up at all .... hdd wont load nothing ... is it possible i might have static killed it by standing on carpet while messing around with the inside of my computer?


More than likely, you just jarred something loose. Turn the power switch at the back to off, then make sure everything is pushed in tight.
Then reset the bios, as per the mobo manual (usually requires moving a jumper, then moving it back), power back up and try it.
Usual things that come loose are gfx card memory, and power connectors.