Question Memory compatibility with motherboard

Oct 19, 2020
Hello, I have the Ryzen 3 3200g APU and i am planning to buy the Gigabyte B450 Gaming X motherboard and this Team Group Delta Memory (tf3d48g3000hc16c01). The problem is that i checked the Memory Compatibility list for my APU and i only found that the only dual channel kit version of this memory is compatible with the motherboard.

The question is:
Can i use the memory that i mentioned earlier and later on to buy an identical one to make a dual channel kit or i have to buy the entire dual channel kit from the beginning.

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I'll strongly recommend you to buy a dual channel kit considering you're using an APU. Performance will be greatly improved all around... that's especially true for the integrated Vega graphics on the 3200G which will use some of it as VRAM. Running in dual channel will basically double the memory bandwidth.

Pairing 2 modules that aren't from the same kit (even if they're the same model) isn't guaranteed to work... there's a possibility you might run into compatibility issues, system instability, etc. Sure, they might work fine too, but why risk it?

My suggestion is to get a dual channel memory kit that's listed in the motherboard QVL list as well.
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