Question Memory Overclocking failed error at boot up.

Feb 16, 2021
So Recently when i switched to windows 11. I've been getting this random shut down every 1-2 times in a day randomly mostly when I leave it afk. The error i get when i boot up is memory overclocking failed and then proceeds to bios and if i just hit save and reboot in bios it boots up fine but sometimes it doesn't.

now the only things i could gather was RAM issue since i cleaned my PC last few days (after updating windows) and i cleaned everything except the CPU.

my PC is fairly new i just got it this may and it didn't need that much cleaning anyway just little dust clean up.

now while writing this post i had one blue screen of death with stopcode error and it didn't restart until i hard restarted it and changed my ram to 3000MHz and then back to 3200MHz.

idk what is this memory overclocking failed is all about but it's recent and it's weird because all my hardware support it just fine and idk if i should keep the xmp on profile 1 or 2 or just keep it disabled.

Anyway I'll be replying ASAP on this post, So Thank you in advance for your input.

ryzen 3600
tomahawk max 2
corsair 3200Mhz 2x8gb
2060 Gigabyte OC
corsair 650V PSU


Corsair is the brand of the PSU while 650 is the wattage of the unit. Can you please state the model of the unit? Also include the age of said PSU. As for your motherboard, what BIOS version are you currently on? Which slots are the sticks of ram populating on the motherboard?
for testing your ram if its ok, you can use memtest ,more errors then 0 means your ram isnt stable with your current bios settings
if it was working before and started happening after "cleaning", try to reseat your ram sticks, make sure they are in A2 + B2 slots


Feb 16, 2012
Lets start with basics:

  1. Try reseating the ram, I'm assuming you removed it to give it a clean? Also refer to your Mobo manual to ensure the ram is in the right slots.
  2. If that fails, revert your Bios back to its optimized default (or just remove the CMOS battery) and see if there's any change in the frequency of errors
  3. Add more voltage to the ram, corsair ram uses samsung modules so they can cop a fair bit of voltage.

XMP on profile 2 as that won't force out of scope OCs.