Question Memory usage slowly increasing to 98%, Windows 10


Jul 11, 2016
A week ago I noticed my PC was lagging and freezing up, I opened up task manager and noticed that my Memory usage was at 98%. After discovering this I have been monitoring task manager and noticed that after a restart my Memory usage will be at 12-13% but gradually increase until it hits 98% with little to nothing running. Google Chrome and my antivirus software use the most, but even after closing chrome it will still stay at 98%. Prior to this past week I don't ever remember my memory usage passing ~30% while idle. Some fixes I've tried are

  • Google Chrome setting changes (Running in background and preload pages)
  • Running Malwarebytes and ESET Antivirus Scans (Nothing found)
  • NDU regedit
  • Restarting PC (Lowers it back down but climbs gradually)
  • No Updates for drivers available.

Specs: I5 6600k, 16GB Ram, GTX 970 Windows 10