Question Migrating profile to another computer?


May 19, 2014
Hello guys. The problem: My mother's computer is a bit old. My father passed away recently and his laptop is considerably better than hers. The thing is, there are important stuff in her computer, like her outlook emails, the taxes software's data, along with other particular configurations that made it possible for a complete non computer literate user to use a computer. Things that I could only fix with a bit of time watching her needs. But time I dont have cause I'm coming back to my resident country in a few days.

First thing I tried, and it was quite stupid, was to simply transfer her HDD to the other laptop at the cost of damaging her original laptop in the attempt to remove the HDD from it. The result is that Windows 7 now believes that its OS installation is not original. Also, the wireless network and other components are not working. I could fix those, but then if I need to plug the HDD back into the older laptop, I might come across the same kind of problems, so I decided not to try messing too much with it.

In the ideal world, what I would like to do is to simply migrate her entire profile, like cloning an installation, but into an existing windows installation, without loosing the important data from my father that is in there. How can I achieve this?

If not possible, then the second best solution that I can think of, is to fix the hiccups that occurs by transferring her HDD into the new computer, like the Windows "illegal copy message" and live with it.

What do you lads suggest?
Thank you very much

Math Geek

this is what popped into my head when i read your question

it's an admin tool to do exactly what you are thinking. now i have never used it and am not sure how customizable it is with what it will move but seems like at least the right direction.

the write up also link to this program which is a paid one that seems to do the same thing