Dec 28, 2004
Ok, here is the senario... I installed a stick of Crucial 512Kb PC-3200 Ram into my asus A7N8X DELUXE board. The ram was rated at 2.8v... my old ram...was rated at After installing the new ram, it worked fine at 2.6v, I then went and turned it up to 2.8v. The computer then locked up... it failed the memory test. It would not even turn on my monitor or go into the bios. I then completely erased the cmos.... I can now get my computer to turn on... I get the BSOD constantly, all kinds of error messages about different things, and one really weird thing is that I put in my old stick of memory and the computer is only reading it as 511kb instead of 512... it states that it IS a stick of 512, but it only registers as 511... After that, I shut it back down and installed another stick of 512 and now it is reading it as 1023 instead of 1024!!! Is my motherboard shot... or what is causing all of these problems??? HELP!


"it worked fine at 2.6v, I then went and turned it up to 2.8v."

So why actually you put it at 2.8v if it was working right at 2.6v??? My tires on my truck are rated at 42 lbs, but I put only 30lbs in.... The scale I have in my bathroom is rated at 300 lbs...But I weight only 150 I haave to eat more to gain weight in order to use my scale as it is rated at???

I guess you fried something...

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!


2.8 volts should not harm that Crucial RAM, but I would never go higher than that.
I run my Corsair at 2.7.

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You may have a problem with the north bridge. If so, it's rma time. Get a copy of memtest86, run it to make a bootable floppy. Then boot to the floppy, and run the prog. If everything goes fine, why sweat 1 mb. If not, Asus is pretty good about rma's, though they take a while.
If you got it from a local shop, take it back, and let thrm deal with Asus. Asus boards have a 3 year warranty, so you are covered.