Monitor drivers nowhere to be found


I am trying to look anywhere on the web to find out how high my monitor can do in refresh without damaging it as I plan to get an Asus Geforce 3 Deluxe with 3d Glasses to use Stereoscopic viewing, which requires high refresh rates of 120hz. The problem is that my current Voodoo 3 2000, doesn't show me the refresh rates in the Advance Display Settings, all I have is Optimal RR and Adapter Default. I have no idea where to look else. The monitor is a
Vision-Lab GM710. A fellow board friend from got me to the Vision Lab site, which is , I looked there but the monitor doesn't appear, and most likely isn't supported anymore or is too old (It's a 17"). I wanted to e-mail them by contact, but the writing is in Taiwanese (the fill-in spaces before the actual text or body of the e-mail is written in TW, so I dunno what each fill-in means to write inside, and if I tried to type my e-mail, and the text without filling elsewhere, and pressed Send, it would give me a Page Not Found [pretty smart for a contact
link....]) so I dunno really what that is. If anyone can help me find a driver of this monitor, which will allow me to know its max refresh rates, especially for 640*480 and 1024*768, I'd be greatly fond of it, as I want to play Stereo mode but need higher refresh rates to avoid flicker and eye fatigue during 3d Glasses on.
Thanks in advance...

PS: Right now it is set as Plug and Play monitor, standard driver.


Aug 30, 2001
You might find a utility you can you use <A HREF=" Utilities" target="_new">here</A>. There's also a program called DisplayMate(sorry no link) that runs test patterns and all. Not sure if checks what your looking for but might be worth looking in to.

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