[SOLVED] Monitors going black and flickering when playing indie games


Aug 11, 2020
Hi, so as the title says ... I tried to play some indie games and when i do my monitors start to black out randomly and bright horizontal lines appears on them (doesnt matter if the game is fullscreen or windowed or on what monitor i play the game). I tried using different port on gpu and switching hdmi cables, i have 1 year old gtx 1050, one 60hz and one 75hz monitor, they are both on the refresh rate they are supposed to, drivers are up to date. It doesnt happen with normal games like csgo, gta 5 etc. can someone help me ? :(
It does not happen with games like csgo or valorant or gta 5 etc. These are working fine.

Also i really try to maintain my pc as much as i can, im 100% sure there is no dust in ports whatsoever.

I tried using only one monitor - didn't help i could even say it was way worse, the pixels on the monitor were literally tearing apart.

My pc does not have any virus.

My pc does not overheat

I really don't know what could be the cause.. i read somwhere that changing different wallpaper on wallpaper engine helped, i tried to completely turn off wallpaper engine but it was the same.

Full specs:

GTX 1050 2GB
AMD A10-6700
8gb ram 1600mhz