Question Motherboard NVME controller

Sep 13, 2019
Hi Guys,
How can i know for sure whether a motherboard comes with NVME controller?
I guess that new one are, but want to know for sure.
For example i'm interesting in this one: ASUS PRIME X570-P
All the manual states regard NVME is just the following line:
"NVMe RAID modeThis item allows you enable or disable the NVMe RAID mode. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]"

But i'm not interesting in A RAID mode
Any MOBO that comes with M.2 PCIE supports NVME?
In general, that's true but it's not really defined that way so it's hard to be sure.

M.2 refers to the mechanical interface, or socket, which can accept either M.2 NVME drives OR M.2 SATA drives and sometimes both. You also have to look at the keying in specifications though: M.2 NVME will use an M-key socket while M.2 SATA will use a B-key socket

What can make it confusing is some M.2 SATA drives fit in M.2 B or M key'd sockets but that doesn't mean they'll work in an M.2 NVME-only M-key socket. You have to look at the motherboard specification on the mfr.'s web page to know how the socket works electrically.

One statement I think you can make safely, though, is any MODERN motherboard, e.g., socket AM4 for AMD, will have at least one NVME capable M.2 socket on it that is tied directly to CPU furnished PCIe lanes (4x). That would be the socket physically closest to the CPU. Whether or not it's M.2 SATA capable (B or B-M keyed) needs to be determined by looking at spec's.
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