Question My Auros x570 Elite WiFi Motherboard blinks a turquoise-green but doesn't turn on, what do I do?

Jul 26, 2020
This is my first build and I've got nearly every cable possible plugged in and I've even taken the PSU out of the case to make sure everything was plugged in right.

The graphics card doesn't seem to be the problem and I reinstalled the RAM sticks just in case that was the problem, I even replaced the CPU cable from a 6+2 to a 8pin connector to my PSU. Before doing all of this my motherboard previously lit blue.

From everything I've narrowed down supposedly I need to to update my BIOS for the RAM to work properly but my monitor isn't showing me anything as it doesn't turn on past a brief green-blue flicker.

Are there any alternative methods or things I should try out?

I have a 1050W power supply silencer, Ryzen 9, AIO enermax liquid cooler, GeForce 2070 rtx super and 2 16GB RAM sticks. Any help would be extremely appreciated!