Question My CPU seems to heat up too quick during certain tasks, How can i prevent this

May 24, 2019
I am new to pc building. I currently have a i9 9900k, z390 pro mobo, cooler master 240 aio with 2 attached 120mm fans, 5 additional 120mm fans (3 corsair ll 120, 2 cooler master 120mm) and a 140mm rear exhaust. I have 16gbs of ddr4 ram GeForce gtx 970 and a corsair rm 850x PSU. I somehow figured out how to go into the bios and set all my fans to full blast. I am in an air conditioned room which is pretty small so it gets freezing in here pretty quick.. Right now as I'm typing this I have 2 instances of edge browser open with a few tabs on both of them; my icue software; a steam game minimized (realm royale) and a task manager open. And I am running at like 126* F. on the processor package(im assuming that means overall on all cores average??). I was told this processor can handle all that without blinking. Should I be worried? Like I said I am new to the building community and scared I spent over 500 bucks on a processor and I'm about to ruin it. PLEASE HELP. Thanks in advance


Feb 6, 2019
again pardon my ignorance... but how would I know that? By running a bench test or something? some of the jargon confuses me...sorry ;)
Download and install these two software:

1 - HWiNFO64
2 - Prime95

Once installed, open HWiNFO64 and make sure you select “run sensors” (or something to that effect). That will give you temperature readings for your PC components.

Then open Prime95. Select the “Blend” test, and let it run for about 15 minutes.

While that test is running, watch your CPU temps closely in HWiNFO64. If it goes over 85 C, end the test. Otherwise, let it run until the 15 minutes are finished.

After closing Prime95, look at your max CPU temp in HWiNFO64 and let us know the number.