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  1. S

    [SOLVED] my cpu temp is 100 C !!!

    hi, so i have 7700k and my cpu temp reaches 100c at 90-100% load also when i play cod warzone my temp is around 95 97. i'm using antec h600 pro liquid cooler . these are screen shots from core temp and my motherboard menu. ps: i don't do any overclocking only xmp is on i have this computer for...
  2. Question Graphic Card gets very hot

    Hello. For some reason, my GPU goes from 55 to around 93 degrees within seconds. This ONLY happens in larger games (Triple-A Games), which means it runs perfectly fine on smaller games. My GPU has a bit of dust in it, but I've cleaned most of it out. My Setup: 1080ti 11GB 2600x 16Gb 3200 MHZ...
  3. Question i7-8750h C0% Abnormally High

    I tried undervolting my CPU using throttlestop but I noticed that the C0% level is usually hovering over 10 which is very high, and there are no tasks taking up that much power besides system idle according to my task manager. On top of that, my clock speed is always much higher than the base...
  4. M

    Question High Temps with AIO cooler

    Hi, I just built a new computer and I have noticed that my CPU temps are getting to around 85c while playing games while using an AIO CPU cooler (some cores peaking at 88c), and the PC has randomly shut off, I'm assuming due to the high temps. Idle temps sit around 40c and current ambient...
  5. B

    Question Laptop keep overheating

    Hi, I have a laptop that has been functioning fine for aa long as i got it. However recently It has started to shutdown constantley when doing heavy tasks. I downloaded some software and noticed that CPU is hitting temperatures on avergae 90 - 100 celcius before shuting down. I gave it in to...
  6. Biggest_Cheeser

    [SOLVED] Tjunction Exceeded.

    Hey everyone, this is the sequel to my original thread on my CPU overheating. So I decided to test bench my computer and had a moment of genius wherein I didn't attach the cooler. The CPU (10600k) reached a temp of 115 degrees celsius and remained there (no spiking) for 30 seconds before I...
  7. Biggest_Cheeser

    [SOLVED] Test Bench - Hot Cpu Temp

    Hey everyone, first time building so I have a pretty dumb question: Ran a test bench and booted into BIOS. CPU temp shot straight to 115 degrees celcius but maintained that temp (No spiking). Is it because I didn't have the cooler on? Or is there a larger underlying issue that I should address...
  8. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] 5900x going all the way up to 90c with ek aio 360 don’t know why

    Here’s my parts: - MSI Meg ace mobo -5900x Ryzen 9 evga ftw3 3090 1000w evga psu tridentz royal 4000 32gb I just turn it on and it starts to rise. I can finish windows install because of it. I go into the bios and put all the fans on max and it sits at 83c. Idk what to do I’m new to building...
  9. Skelturoth

    Question (Another) Ryzen 3600 heating issue

    Hi there! I've stumbled upon something that I can't resolve (with that, the machine isn't at my place, so I've had a limited amount of time to work with it) So it's a Ryzen 3600 with Noctua NH-9L cooler (I know it isn't the best, but should beat the Wraith Spire). Wrong washers were initially...
  10. twgamerbuilder

    [SOLVED] 5900x Cooling Reccomendations

    Got my hands on a 5900x somehow but unfortunately its running really hot. I have a scythe fuma 2 with 6 case fans in a Q300L case and it runs around 86C under load. Pretty craz for a good air cooler. Was wondering what a good cooling upgrade would be that could fit in my case. I was looking at...
  11. Burnsy69

    Question Ryzen 3600X bad temps

    Hello, I'm looking for some help as my CPU gets anywhere from 55C - 85C depending on the game, I want to try change the bios around but I'm no expert. I use a rock slim 92mm fan, which runs worse than the stock cooler apparently ! My aim is to get another fan so it's a dual cooler but until...
  12. S

    Question Upgraded System running HOT! Any ideas?

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I recently upgraded my PC and now it's running crazy hot. This is what my build was previous: This is what my build is now: All the fans, cooler, PSU, and case...
  13. Hucu

    Question Hello, got a tricky issue here... (High GPU Temp 90C+ After changing thermal paste)

    I've recently gone into cleaning my whole pc, blowing the dust off, changing thermal paste, adjusting and cable managing and checking all the connections... etc... Not sure if the thermal paste I've used was bad or it didn't align well...My GPU is 1060 3GB, Used Msi Afterburner Max core voltage...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] 9900k Temps

    I recently got a new case and had to move everything over and everything is working fine but one concern is the CPU Temp My i9-9900k is oc to 5ghz and in my old case highest I would see it go is 69c max. In this new case while running Watch Dogs Legion to test it I was getting Temps up to...
  15. whatsnew1234

    Question GPU gets very hot and very loud very quick

    Hello, I have a question about the GPU on my Asus Laptop (Nvidia GeForce 1050). For quite a while already I notice that my GPU gets very hot and very loud pretty fast. Example: I use google chrome and have multiple sessions open plus some simple microsoft programms like word or excel and my...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600x to hot!

    I have a ryzen 5 3600x with the stock cooler and it has a idol of 60c and maxes up under heavy load at around 85c. Anything to help me out??? Also I believe it is on max boost. My motherboard is a prime b450M- A. Should I buy a after market cooler?
  17. E

    [SOLVED] CPU says its at 100c but it its super cold inside

    Hi, so I just finished switching out all of my components to a new pc case from my old one and now I am on my desktop and hardware monitor says my cpu temp is at 100c and only drops down to 99c and never goes higher than 100c. All these componets worked earlier today in my old case and I even...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] CPU running really hot but I have a liquid cooler installed correctly

    I followed the installation correctly but my temps while browsing the web and nothing else are around 60-75 C. Anyone have any suggestions? specs: cpu: i7 9700k cooler: Corsair H100i v2 mobo: Asus Prime Z390-P 16GB RAM gpu: GTX 1060
  19. K

    Question BB905 prebuilt pc back fan dying?

    The fan stopped spinning, i took it out, cleaned it, and still didnt spin until i literally stuck my finger to it and gave it a push. I need a new fan but i dont know where to start looking for one compatible with my rig.
  20. T

    [SOLVED] CPU running hot while idle

    Hello. I‘ve Recently noticed a substantial decrease in performance on my PC. I used to get around 200 fps in Overwatch which decreased down to 130-80 fps. I‘ve checked my CPU temperature and saw that it was at 80+ degrees celcius while idle. I‘ve ordered some thermal paste but I can‘t imagine...