Jul 29, 2021
Ryzen 3600 running mid 60s Celsius while idle, 80s when gaming. Running an MSI MAG Coreliquid 240R with 2 fans, and 4 more case fans. I've tried changing bios settings, as well as removing and re-installing my CPU cooler and CPU. I built this PC less than a year ago and I'm not sure what the problem could be. I've made sure everything is plugged in correctly, changed my thermal paste 3 times now, and installed a fresh copy of windows. I did purchase my CPU as "Factory Restored" from ebay, but have not noticed anything awry until recently (not that I payed much attention to my CPU temps before I knew about this issue). Cooler was brand new and I made sure it is installed correctly.

Thanks in advance!
you don't list the case, the arrangement of the fans, or the positioning of the AIO.
this can play a big factor if not setup efficiently.

include the make\model of the fans, their orientation, and speed curves you may have in place,
the type of thermal paste used,
any dedicated GPU,
and the types of drives and their locations.
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Jul 29, 2021
Case - Corsair 280X
Drive - T-Force Vulcan Sata 3 SSD 1tb located in the bay in the back of the case
Thermal Paste - Arctic MX-4
PSU - Thermaltake Smart 700W - fan is working properly
Default speed curves, have tried with "Full Speed" and "Performance Mode" settings in bios
Case fans exhausting (top and bottom)
Radiator in intake orientation (front)