Question My laptop has a strange problem


Oct 19, 2017
Hi everyone!
So my laptop is crazy.The problem is 3 days ago i turned my laptop on,it didn't.I plugged in the ac adapter and turned it on.The battery was 3% so i left it to charge.
After like 20min i came back and saw the battery said 3%.I was like WHAT?
Then i noticed it said 3% (plugged in,not charging).
I thought this was a bug and pulled out the adapter.The laptop suddenly turned off(probably because it's supposed to shutdown intantly if less than 7%).
Left if for a couple dozen of hours and again tried to charge it.Now it said 5% available (plugged in, not charging).
Then i finally went for the web and googled this problem.Found some fixes like hard reset,reseating the battery,uninstalling and reinstalling the battery drivers,updated the bios etc.Well nothing worked.
Now i left it for 2 days.Now when i turned on the laptop now it says 6% not charging.
This is strange.Is it suppose to charge in 2months without plugging in the ac adapter.i tried other adapters still didn't work.
Any help would be appreciated.
I also reinstalled windows in case some windows update was messing up.
The laptop is
HP Pavillion 15 ab249ne Energy Star
i7 6500u 2.5Ghz
8gb ddr3 ram
500gb 5400rpm hdd
gt 940m 2gb gddr3
intel hd graphics 520
and a 41Wh 4cell lithium ion battery