Question My monitor is displaying static lines

Jul 9, 2022
Hello, my monitor has been displaying harsh static lines for a few days now. Before this happened, all black on the screen was displayed as green but I hit the monitor and it did the job. A day or so later, the static lines started appearing.

I have tried many VGA (it is VGA only) cables on the monitor, all with the same result so it is not the cables but the monitor itself.

Here is a photo displaying it. The picture does not show nearly as many lines that can actually be seen.

Edit: I may believe it is the VGA port itself as the display when on but not in use does not display any lines whatsoever.

Edit 2: Yep, definitely the VGA port as it doesn't work at all anymore.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Try and replace the display cable or swap out to another display source. Though to me it looks like a panel on it's way out. Make and model of your panel and the display source?

I hit the monitor and it did the job.
The moment you resort to smacking hardware is when you're not troubleshooting but creating trouble in itself. It could also be that the soldering on the mainboard for the panel is failing or subpar.