Mar 17, 2012
I've been having problems with a old hp nc6230 that I've been trying to repair.
The old motherboard was damaged by a short, basically would not power on any more.
I've bought a refurbished board, and transferred my components only ram and cpu. Laptop boots but post no video, dont have any onboard speakers so I can't hear if there are any post beeps.
Ive replaced the and Cpu considering the damage that happened to the previous motherboard, no good. The ram is working as it boots in another laptop and I cant get no video internal or external.

Any suggestions?
did you make sure that all your video connections are connected on the MOBO? I know I have repaired MANY laptops and find that sometimes a cable is not connected all the way or forgotten all together sometimes. It's also possible that with the replacement being a refurb board, there may be a video issue with the board itself since you are not getting external video as well.