Question Need hardware suggesion for 60fps gaming on 900p monitor

Jan 28, 2021
I have a 1600x900p monitor and my curren system is:
Intel Core i3 4160
gskill ripjaws 2x4gb ddr3 1600
MSI Gaming GTX 750ti 2gb gddr5
Gigabyte b85m d3h
antec vp450
corsair gaming spec 3
wd green 240gb sata ssd 2.5'

I want to play Valhala/RDR2/2077 and other upcoming games with good fps.
I don't even have a budget to consider a new monitor so i'm thinking of just upgrading the components if needed.

I was thinking of a GTX 1660 and maybe i5-10400? Of course i'll need a new motherboard and ram too.
But then I thought why not just upgrade the cpu to i7-4700k or something and get a better graphics. Will these two things better to invest in or should i get everything new?