Question Need help with choosing the right motherboard.

Sep 20, 2018
I am planning to build a starter budget PC which must be capable of playing casual games and storing data. I've AMD Athlon 200GE in my mind for the cpu, but I've absolute zero knowledge about motherboards. So kindly help me out for a mbd which could be used for other Ryzen CPUs. Also, an idea for power supply would be helpful. I will not be using any graphics card.
Please keep in mind that I am building it with my pocket money (budget build) .
I think you'd need to be a bit more specific on some aspects of your requirements.

A motherboard "which could be used for other Ryzen CPUs" applies to all AM4 motherboards. It does suggest you have future upgrade plans, and if people know what those aims are it makes it easier for them to help you in this aspect.

Also knowing what your budget is, and where you are, will also help those trying to identify the right things for you.