Need help with the DX-ESW5 Ethernet Switch

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Jul 5, 2012
Yesterday, my sister gave me an old ethernet switch so I could use the internet on my computer and my PS3. Unfortunately I didn't get any type of setup manual so I downloaded one off the manufacturer's website.

These are the directions and I followed them step-by-step.
To set up the switch:
1. Place the switch flat on a tabletop or use the enclosed screws to hang it vertically
on a wall. Be sure to leave enough space around the switch for good
2. Don’t place heavy objects on the switch.
3. Connect the AC power adapter to the switch, then plug the adapter into an
AC power outlet. The switch turns on and initializes by blinking the Link/Act
LEDs and turning on the Power LED.
4. Connect your network cables to the switch.

I connect everything up correctly, and the most I get is the Power LED simply turning on, no blinking or anything. I've tried restarting the modem, the router, the computer, even trying several ethernet cables and I have had no success. The Power LED stays Red, so could that maybe be a problem. Could someone help me with this? It'd be really awesome if someone could. If you can, please put the advice in words that a sixteen year old can understand, Thank you :)

My Setup:
-Actiontec M1000 Modem by Qwest (
-Dynex DX-ESW5 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch ( - Ignore the website on the bottom, I had to Google Image it T_T)
-DX-4860 Desktop Computer
-Windows 7 Home Premium
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