Apr 24, 2019
Hey there! I have a question regarding my internet started going down randomly for little and when i refresh page i get this error "NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID" but at the same time my phones internet also goes down. it happens at the same time.I can not say which website causes this but i have tried with other browser it was the same. i tried it with another router still happens the same. We have 2 router at home but they were working together perfectly fine until today. if i am not mistaken my friend set up another router today but wasnt working properly i am not sure if its still in the port at wall or not but could it be the reason of this problem? (And i tried most of the stuff cleared cache, reinstalled chrome,time settings are correct)

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So yesterday i tried another router, i connected my pc directly without router directly to wall port, i cleaned cache , i reinstalled chrome , i tried on other browsers , it happens to my pc and my phone at the same time. i even formatted my pc.

2. EDIT:

I took the lan cable between my pc and my router out and tested it only using wifi and my phone connection. it still randomly drops.
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Certificates contain identifiers that are digitally signed. They are a way of saying "you can trust me to your unenceypted data"

A number if valid programs may need to see your net traffic unencrypted before it reaches your programs. This includes anti virus which wants to check to see if any of the traffic is malicious. Or it could be the company who wants to see your communications even over encrypted sites.

These are sometimes done with root level certificates. But just about all certificates have an end life date that says "hey i really need to be updated.". If you pass this wnd life date then you get a bad net CERTificate message.

If you are using a company phone computer or a common anti virus between the two i would look there.

Also many browsing programs are now rejecting tls 1 certificates. Ita for your own safety as it has s easily compromised.

If these are company assets consult your it staff. If its a common anti virus between the two devices contact the anti virus company.

Some routers install their own root certs. They do this to analyze your unencrypted traffic to improve services like child protection apps built into some models.

This is just some of the things that can cause this. You can inspect local certificates from the network connections windows.
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