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Jan 22, 2004
Just working on trying to figure out the cheapest way I can go to get a decent computer for my second PC. Right now I'm running on the PC in my signature down below. I am wanting to get a second PC that my gf can use also when she's around and because I want to have a second computer to dual run games on. Don't need anything too spectacular... just something that'll be OK for now and upgradeable later on. Anyways, I haven't been watching the computer scene too much lately and I don't really know whats best or not. Looking for a PC Build, just the box and inside, no accessories, for under $500.

And listen, I don't want to hear people saying just go look yourself. The reason I posted here is because I don't have time to. I would really appreciate having some help with this.

-The Zent
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Jan 15, 2002
The best way to go would probably be to build yourself a new 'rig with a less restrictive budget (700-800$) and hand your current computer to your girlfriend.

If you insist on building her a new computer with 500$, you'll have to forget about upgradeability, that kind of budget is Socket-A territory, unfortunately, that venerable platform won't see any new CPUs from AMD, fortunately, the Mobile Bartons can reach frequencies up to 2.4-2.5GHz on air, are multiplier unlocked, therefore extremely easy to overclock, a good, cheap way to upgrade a Socket-A system.

The best price/performance you can get for 500$ is the exact same system you got in your sig, nothing to be ashamed off since mine and multiple other enthusiast's systems are based on those very same parts.

If you decide to treat yourself to a new, affordable and upgreadable computer, Socket 939 is the way to go, especially if you choose a 90nm Winchester core 3000+ or 3200+ A64. Winchesters are as overclockable as the 1700+ Thoroughbred-Bs and Mobile Bartons 2500+ were. Up to you to pick between nForce3 (AGP) and Nforce4 (PCI-E) chipsets, the later will obviously cost somewhat more but are belived to have a longer upgrade path, only time will tell.

I would wait until mid-April before making that purchase unless it is extremely time critical, AMD will launch a new set of high-end 90nm CPUs in the next few weeks, those will most likely cooincide with a general price cut for all of their lower end models.

You probably noticed that I did'nt mentionned Intel once, this is not fanboyism as they don't have any competitive products at this point in time.

Feel free to ask if you got any other questions, only the most clueless, dim witted and thick headed individuals end up being flamed...

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I agree with SidVicious. As for upgradeablility 939 socket should support the new AMD dual-cores when they come out. Intels current motherboards wont support the Intel dual-cores as of right now.