Question New CPU installed . Please enter setup to configure ur system.

Sep 13, 2022
So i dont really know anything about computers or hardware to be honest.
I recently went to Staples so that they can clean my desktop dust internally, since i have 0 knowledge about computers i didnt want to clean it myself.
When i went to get the computer back, the guy told me he had to but new thermal paste in the CPU.
When i turned the computer back on i recieve this message :
American Megatrends.
New CPU installed . Please enter setup to configure ur system.
Press F1 to run setup.

There wasnt really any options left so i pressed F1, since that the Pc is full black screen and i havent touched anything for 10 minutes, only tried disconnected and connected Display Port beacuse i thought it could be a bad connection of the Monitor.
Im afraid to press the Power button beacuse i dont know if this is supposed to happen but it has been like this for about 10-15 minutes.
Thank you.


Something sounds very fishy here. Replacing the thermal paste doesn't cause that message and there's absolutely no legitimate reason for the tech to be removing the CPU. My gut says that your CPU was replaced with a lesser one and the one you went in with may well be gone.
Yeah, next time take it to Best Buy Geek Squad or Micro Center. I wouldn't trust Staples, or any other store that doesn't revolve around computers specifically.
Not completely in on trusting geek squad either. Would be more apt to trust Microcenter. I used to work as a tech for a school system and was actually max certified. This has been 12-13 years back, but the school was doing budget cuts, and when I found out I was going to lose my job I applied to Best Buy for geek squad. It wasn’t far from home and make quick cash right? The guy who would have been my boss I kind of wonder if he wasn’t intimidated as they never called me back. Either way, I still work as a tech. But I’ve had good experiences with Microcenter here, they seem to know their stuff and treat people family so I’d recommend them or a local shop with a good reputation.

But as others said, the tech should not have removed the cpu. Really, unless the system was overheating they shouldn’t even have needed to change the thermal paste, so they probably shouldn’t have even removed the cpu cooler and just air dusted it.