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    Question Thermal problems with Ryzen 7 5800X ?

    I recently upgraded from an old Ryzen 5 3600 to a Ryzen 7 5800x and have had terrible thermal problems. I first started with a Bequiet Pure Rock 2 because I've heard good things about Bequiet air coolers and how nice they are, but I've had terrible thermal problems with the bequiet, reaching...
  2. Luffy_

    [SOLVED] Every game runs at 12%~ CPU usage and 100% GPU usage - - - how do i fix this ?

    I just can't get the issue. I updated the BIOS and the GPU/CPU. I even reinstalled Windows a few times to see if it fixes the issues but that didn't help, It could be thermal throttling but since I'm not some genius i thought maybe somebody could fix my issue ?
  3. S

    Question Poor gaming performance on my Dell XPS 9570

    Lately, I have noticed my XPS 9570 having painfully bad FPS when gaming. I recently tried GTA5 and noticed FPS in the 10-20 range on lowest settings at 1080p, when it used to average a cool 40-50fps earlier on medium settings. The GPU was running at 100% as indicated by NVidia GeForce...
  4. D

    Question Qualcomm chipsets thermal pad

    hey there, gonna buy a second hand modem which has Qualcomm chipsets and a medium sized heat sink, the problem is im not sure whether the paste on chipsets is still alive. from a video he has uploaded, you can see that weird blue paste. View:
  5. S

    Question Is it Possible to undervolt a i7 8650u in a Dell Latitude 7390 with Throttlestop

    So a year ago, I bought a Dell Latitude 7390. It has an i7 8650u, 16 gigs of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD. I bought the laptop because of it's specs. However, I didn't realise the laptop had a severe case of poor cooling. When I play Rblox and other games, I can't even play above two graphic bars or...
  6. D

    Question When I exit a program GPU-Z marks my PerfCap Reason as Thermal Throttling is that something to worried about?

    Just got a used EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra today and was checking it out in GPU Z. It seems to be working great except for the topic title. The clock speed doesn't fluctuate massively and the GPU hasn't gone above 80C in all of my benchmarks, but it still has me a little freaked out. In this...
  7. O

    Question Fan Control from registry editor

    Is There a way to change laptop fan speed/table through registry editor ? I've tried everything and nothing works I've tried speedfan,msi, bios control, changing system cooling policy to active, and nothing worked. So my last resort if there is a control registry that could tweak that. Windows...
  8. J

    Question What thermal pads should I use for my GPU?

    Hello, i'm new here and I was hoping if you guys can help me with some questions I have regarding my gpu maintenance. I have a Gigabyte GeForce RTX™ 2060 OC 6G ( for almost 4 years and everytime I do maintenance to my gpu, it's...
  9. corbieristan

    Question I messed up my computer.... wonder what went wrong

    So i have this old computer from 2015 that i had build at the time and i was looking to sell it to a friend for cheap(it was working flawlessly until today...). I wanted to add a fan and put new thermal paste, which i did today. it worked fine for an hour, then it shut down on its own. I...
  10. InSaneJeSter

    Question Palit RTX 3070 Ti temperature issue ?

    Hello yesterday after games and video editor, I ran into a problem with the temperature of the video card, in a strange way it is almost always at a hot spot of about 90 degrees and above. Then I checked in different programs and tests the temperature does not correspond to the use or frequency...
  11. M

    Legion 5 vs Nitro 5 - AN515-58

    id like to know which of these 2 laptop have better thermal and cooling i did notice that this legion also has coldfront 2.0
  12. Julian3704

    Question Cooler for Ryzen 5 7600x

    There not many options at my location, but I was wondering if the ID SE-226-XT would be fine for the R5 7600x? Other option could be the Be Quiet Shadow Rock 3 or Dark Rock Slim for a few dollars more, but then other cooler are twice as much and not worth the price in my opinion
  13. Z

    Question Overheating RX-570 8GB OC

    Does my card need a thermal pad/paste job? I've noticed lately that while under load my graphics card goes right to the thermal limit and stays there until it either crashes or degrades performance to the point that I have to cancel whatever I was doing. Unfortunately I didn't notice one of my...
  14. G

    Question Airgapped NVME M.2 SSD heatsink in Laptop - what to do?

    Howdy folks, looking to get some help with cooling problems I've seen recently with my NVME M2 SSDs. I currently have an HP Omen 17 cb-t100 laptop with two SSDs - a primary boot drive (Samsung mzvlb512hbjq-000h1, 500GB, came with laptop) and a secondary drive for running games and other...
  15. sgronkia

    Question RTX 3070 Phantom needs repaste

    Hi guys, i bought from ebay a RTX 3070 Gainward Phantom GS for a very very good deal. Card is used for a few months and should have warrantly left. I tested it in some lite games in 1080p 60hz (i need to switch monitor) and was fine. When the card reaches 80/90% utilization temps spikes to...
  16. M

    Question Best motherboard for preventing overheating (and computer shutdown)

    After experiencing computer shutdowns (either complete power outage or sudden bluescreen errors), which I partly suspect overheating as the cause, I am thinking perhaps I need to get a motherboard which prevents overheating. But I am a complete novice. I will buy i9-13900K. So the motherboard...
  17. S

    Question Laptop turns off while gaming

    So I have an Asus Tuf fx505dy and since 2 days, my laptop seems to just turn off (like when someone holds the power button) and restarts while gaming. After looking online there might be multiple causes like, the battery may be faulty(i replaced it 6 months ago), or the hard drive or the cpu may...
  18. Kadha

    Question New CPU installed . Please enter setup to configure ur system.

    So i dont really know anything about computers or hardware to be honest. I recently went to Staples so that they can clean my desktop dust internally, since i have 0 knowledge about computers i didnt want to clean it myself. When i went to get the computer back, the guy told me he had to but new...
  19. HoneyMonk

    Question MSI RTX 3070 GAMING X TRIO Thermal Pad

    I have a GeForce RTX MSI 3070 GAMING X TRIO graphics card. Which thermal pad sizes are suitable for this graphics card?
  20. T

    Question Difficulty installing CPU cooler , will I need new paste

    Its an i5 10400f I had difficulties installing the stock cooler. I managed to install it but I had to reseat it slightly as only two of the stand pin things went on originally. Will it be okay without new paste? I don't think all of it applied onto the CPU as only half of the cooler was actually...
  21. abrowncat99

    Question Gigabyte RX 590 thermal pads thickness.

    I've read that for the 570 you need 0.5mm pads and 2mm for MOSFETs, but is the 570 the same as the 590? Cards and cooler look identical but I'm not sure if they're actually the same. Does anyone know if this applies to the 590?
  22. G

    Question I5-8265U temperature varying extremely fast ?

    I have an Ideapad S145-15IWL, it comes with an I5-8265U CPU plus MX110 discrete onboard GPU, and I'm curious if this is just normal for laptop CPUs or if it's wrong: I was trying to run a heavy simulation on python3 (in Linux Mint Tricia 19.3, on all threads with maximum priority), and I noted...
  23. batsy0110

    [SOLVED] Thermal Throttling Issue

    Hi guys, I am having thermal Throttling issue in my ROG Zephyrus laptop. Even the cpu temps are not above 48 degree Celsius but still the HWINFO64 test shows the throttling as Yes in CPU while doing the benchmark. Please help me with this issue. It has ryzen processor. Because of that issue my...
  24. madartzgraphics

    [SOLVED] Thermal Pad Thickness of Gigabyte RX 570 Gaming GV-RX570GAMING-4GD ?

    Does somebody know what's the correct and different thickness I need for GIGABYTE RX 570 GAMING GV-RX570GAMING-4GD Planning to clean and repaste it, it's a recently purchased used card. It seems the info is quite hard to find...
  25. P

    Question After repasting, GPU is underclocking at 300 MHz with absurdly high Board Power Draw, what happened to my GPU?

    Hi, here's my gaming laptop specs: ASUS ROG SCAR II GL504GW CPU: i7-8750H GPU: RTX 2070 RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz I have also previously undervolted my CPU to a stable level using Throttlestop and have MSI Afterburner installed but I didn't bother tweaking any of the values there since I purely...
  26. D

    [SOLVED] ROG STRIX RTX 2080 8G OC Thermal Pads Specifications

    Hello, I have an Asus ROG Strix-RTX2080-O8G-Gaming (it's the OC model) video card and recently it started becoming very noisy. It reaches temperatures of 74 to 75 deg C. I know they are not dangerous, but it makes too much noise. I tried different drivers, although I didn't have the problem...
  27. D

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3500U underperforming and weird behaivor

    Hi all, I have a laptop with Ryzen 5 3500U with Vega 8 IGPU with 1GB VRAM. 8GB Ram, dual-channel and a 512GB SSD. I know this processor isn't all that bad ingame and has decent fps, but mine has been underperforming since the start. At first, it was due to the temps being limited to 70°C which...
  28. L

    Question After repaste, CPU temps are better but GPU temps are worse ?

    Hi, I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-572-75L9 with 24GB of Ram, i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 A few days ago I failed to disassemble the heatsink due to some stripped screws so I decided to pay a technician to replace the screws, clean the laptop and apply the thermal paste. I came back home and...
  29. D

    [SOLVED] CPU cores stuck at 0.5Ghz

    Solution: I've marked the most helpful answer as it will help you diagnose the problem, if you want to see my solution go to the last post on the thread. Hello all, So I've got a Intel Celeron N2830. Since the past couple of days I noticed it was getting very unresponsive, it wasn't very...
  30. Z

    Question How do I fix audio stuttering and distortion while playing games on my laptop?

    Hello all, I'm experiencing some extreme audio issues and I'm not sure what to do. Every time I launch a game and play for longer than 5-10 minutes, my game lags briefly then suddenly has extreme audio distortion and lag. It sounds like my speakers are blown out. When I close the game, other...
  31. SirSfinn

    Question Watercooled 3080ti reaching 80+c with dual 360mm radiators!

    Hey all, having a bit of crazy a thermal issue. I have a 5960x overclocked to 4.2 ghz and a 3080ti both watercooled, sharing the same loop. I have 7x 120mm fans connected and running at 1500rpm on two different radiators + an exhaust. The reservoir and pump are separate. Ever since the 3080ti...
  32. George9t8

    [SOLVED] Why my GTX 1080 Ti runs hot under no load ?

    I just bought a used 1080Ti and noticed under full load it was reaching temperatures of high 70s using the normal fan curve, so I created a more aggressive one with the fans at about 75% to keep it to low 70s. That's fine but the fans are pretty loud at this level. To test the heat dissipation...
  33. VladBarla

    [SOLVED] GTX 780 TI thermal pads

    Hi. I have a Gigabyte GTX 780 TI Founders Edition and i want to change the thermal pads. I want to buy new ones, but i don't know the thickness of them. I couldn't find anything about it on the internet so i want to ask somebody who already changed them in the past. Thank you!
  34. Tapogam

    [SOLVED] CPU Heating and Thermal Throttling

    Hello everyone, Recently I have started to face a very strange behavior from my CPU. My Intel 4790K shows spikes in clock speed and CPU usage every few secs. I can see that most of the background process sits at 0% usage but still my usage changes from 3-6-12-14-19 and keeps repeating this...
  35. Biggest_Cheeser

    [SOLVED] Tjunction Exceeded.

    Hey everyone, this is the sequel to my original thread on my CPU overheating. So I decided to test bench my computer and had a moment of genius wherein I didn't attach the cooler. The CPU (10600k) reached a temp of 115 degrees celsius and remained there (no spiking) for 30 seconds before I...
  36. dudeawsomeness1

    [SOLVED] Audio crackling with high load (possibly temperature related?)

    My PC has had this issue for a long time (maybe since I built it) but I haven't bothered much to fix it because it is controllable and only happens under high loads. It is controllable because I am able to mitigate it pretty well just by letting the fans go full speed which leads me to believe...
  37. F

    [SOLVED] MSI GF63 8RC won't boot ?

    Hi, i had recently issues with my MSI GF63 8RC laptop as it was overheating and then turns off the game i am playing or when running gpu benchmark. I opened it and cleaned the fan , removed the heatsink and applied new thermal paste and new thermal pads When i turned it on after that I fired...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] Used laptop choice - Legion Y540 vs Asus Tuf FX 705DT?

    Specs are practically identical - Y540 (i5 9th gen/GTX 1650/8 Gigs Single Channel/512 GB SSD) Asus Tuf 705 DT (Ryzen 7 3750/GTX 1650/8 Gigs Single Channel/512 GB SSD) I plan to use them for my daily use - programming, UI development, entertainment and some 1080p gaming (I can do medium to high...
  39. Giani

    [SOLVED] My Intel Core Duo 2Ghz Idles At 200F. I have a MacBook late 2008.

    Help! why is this happening its very concerning the only laptop I have is cooking its self. My Intel Core Duo 2Ghz Idles At 200F. I have a MacBook late 2008. my laptop is at full blast. on the left that is hot it tells me when my cpu losses processing power its a 100% capacity what. Thermals...
  40. Veinxon

    [SOLVED] Overheating problem, opened the laptop and saw my thermal paste, should i replace it?

    Here's the photo: View: The title says all, should i replace my thermal paste and hope that my laptop doesn't overheat again? I don't see many dusts or similar that could potentially cause ovearheating inside the laptop itself, just found that my thermal paste...