New System with No Power (YET)

Mr Diggs

May 23, 2012
Hi Tomshardware users,

I need your help with a task. First of all here is my system that i just bought:
AMD Phenom II x4 Black edition
Rosewill FUTURE case
Gygabite 6950 1gb
8gb ram (4x2)
asus m5a97 motherboard

i didnt buy powersupply since i already had RAIDMAX "RX 730SS" however i dont have the cables that came with it since i bought this long time ago and i didnt keep the extra cables with it. So i ran into this problem when you have to plug 2 pcie 6pins in to your graphic card: 1) Wire is not long enough. 2) There is only 1 PCIE cable.
My idea: to get a splitter, This to be exact:

Out of my power supply i have bunch of 6pin cables coming out, out of which only 1 is pcie, but all are same length so none which are long enough to reach to my graphic card. So my idea of this 6pin pcie splitter would work great if it works. or will it not be enough power or something? I do need your input guys!

I need your input if you think it would work or i need your suggestions on what you think i should try.
You can use that splitter but be sure to use it from the PCIe cable. One thing to be aware of when doing that, after running your GPU for a while and while still running, check to see if the connector to the extension is hot (could be dangerous if too hot), it should feel warm but not hot.