[SOLVED] No aRGB on Z390 UD Motherboard ?

Dec 12, 2020
Hey all,

I just made a new account because of a question I had. A friend of mine recommended me ask on this forum because someone may have a solution.

Essentially, this is my first time building a PC. I used pcpartpicker and some advice from friends on what parts to pick. I ended up going with the Z390 UD mobo and msi's mag coreliquid 360r aio. When it came to plugging in the RGBs for the cooler, it required a 3pin ARGB/JRAINBOW input on the mobo which it seems I do not have with the Z390 UD. The only RGB header I seem to have is a 4pin 12v header. Is there any sort of adapter or controller I can look for to have my RGBs light up or am I stuck with unlit components until I decide to upgrade my mobo? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this, I appreciate it!

This is my build if it is at all helpful to my question https://pcpartpicker.com/list/RnqCF8
Dec 25, 2020
now if you have a 3 pin argb device there is a way to keep your argb ability. but it basically means your not using the motherboards built in 12v.
go to best buy and pickup a razer chroma for 40$. this device uses 3 pin headers and has 6 ports. you need the razer synapse 3 software to control the RGB functionality. but basically its powered off 12v molex(you can also pickup a molex to sata converter on amazon if you need or if your power supply is modular it should have come with a molex chain. if not you can order that instead. and so on.) the 12v power feeds into the device then the device regulates power to the devices. then you have 2 options for control. you can use the usb header to micro usb adaptor that comes with it and plug it in internally that way. or you can use a micro usb data cable (normal one that comes with phones and such) and plug that into one of your usb ports. some motherboards come with an internal usb plug as well. and there ya go.