Question No Bootable Device/HDD1 instead of HDD0?

Jun 23, 2020
So, I bought this laptop 11 months ago. It is acer nitro 5 (i5-8300h/gtx1050ti/12gbram/1tbhdd). I kinda experienced a lot of malfunction to it like corrupted windows, registry keys, boot loop and so on until now. I'm just playing League of Legends when suddenly I lost internet connection (Ph net kinda sucks) then my game crashed along with the computer. It freeze like a minute so I decided to force shutdown it and leave it at rest for like 30 minutes. Then when I came back, I turned it on then it shows"No bootable Device". I tried researching but all im getting is booting it to legacy which the bios didnt have. I also try cleaning it through diskpart (I use win 10 bootable usb) it is successfully cleaned. Then, I decided to install Windows 10 but still no luck. When formatting the drive it shows this error "0x80070057". Also, I noticed that the bios recognized my hard drive as HDD1 but I assume that it must be on HDD0 since in diskpart it says Disk 0 when listing disk. Right now I dont know what to do. Its been 3 days and I got a lot of online class to attend and assessments to do. please help me. I don't care about the previous files on it I just want to install a new windows and use my laptop again. Please help.